Zoe Saldana thinks the delay in Star Trek 4 is more than scheduling

Things have been quiet on Paramount Pictures’ front since the director exited and they removed “Star Trek 4” from their 2023 schedule back in September. Zoe Saldana is the first member of the Kelvin film group to talk about the proposed follow-up to 2016 Star Trek: Beyond Since the big change.

Saldana is ready for more trips

Since Paramount Pictures and producer JJ Abrams announced in February 2022 they would go ahead with a new movie slated for Christmas 2023, the Star Trek Kelvin cast members have had a consistent movie: They’re excited to be back together and expect a movie to eventually happen, but they’ve been They are skeptical that it will happen in time, with filming originally announced to begin this fall.

One person he didn’t talk about publicly Star Trek 4 So far this year it’s Zoe Saldana (Uhura), but the topic finally came up when she was a guest on the last episode of Deadline’s 20 questions Audio notation. Saldana echoed her co-stars’ statements about wanting to do another movie together, and agreed that there were timing issues. However, she also noted that the timeline might not be the only thing holding the film back:

We’ve been in touch with JJ and have been kind of trying to figure out if we’ll be able to this last fall. I don’t think it was possible. I kind of had thoughts that might have been like schedules… We just couldn’t get the whole cast and crew to sort of work together. But I also think it might have another relationship to the project. But I know we’re all on the same page that we’d love nothing more than to be able to go back.

Zoe Saldana as Aoora and John Cho as Solo Star Trek Beyond

What is Paramount Disablement?

It is unclear what “other thing” Saldana is referring to. It could be related to director Matt Shukman’s exit from the project in August. Shortly before Schuckman’s exit, Chris Pine once again mentioned how excited he was to be back and had looked forward to playing Captain Kirk in future films throughout his career, but also indicated that he was still waiting to see the script. Earlier in the year, Payne revealed that he had spoken to Paramount executives and pleaded with them not to shoot at the Marvel-wide box office for the next Star Trek movie. This issue of finding the right balance of budget and volume for Star Trek movies to turn a profit is something Paramount has struggled with since the movie franchise launched in 1979.

In August, after Schcman left the project, the studio released a statement indicating continued commitment to the project, saying that they were “excited about the creative vision for the next chapter and look forward to bringing it to audiences around the world” as they begin. In search of a new exit. This week the studio made some changes to its 2023 schedule, which included moving the wide release of the Brad Pitt/Margot Robbie movie. Babylon to the date of December 23 previously held Star Trek 4. Their 2024 calendar is already full with eight movies scheduled now, including an animated one transformers movie and another Mission: Impossible movie in summer and sonic the hedgehog Film for the Christmas season. There is still room, as Paramount Pictures CEO Brian Robbins recently committed to releasing as many as 15 films each coming year.

Over the summer (before Shacman exited), Robbins stated that the studio was “deep” regarding Abrams Star Trek 4 The project, adding that they were “close to the starting line” before announced production in the fall. They clearly missed that starting line. However, since taking over the studio in 2021, Robbins has been publicly optimistic about Star Trek, indicating that Paramount has been developing a multi-movie plan and saying, “Where we go with the next theatrical franchise is critical to the franchise’s overall health.”

Now it’s clear that the movie studio is struggling to put a plan in place even as they advance their other big movie franchises like transformers And the Mission: Impossible. Conversely, on the TV side, Paramount+ has five current Star Trek shows running — though, with Piccard At the end of 2023, that number will drop unless Paramount+ finally gives the green light to one of the multiple Star Trek TV projects in development.

Paramount Pictures CEO Brian Robbins

Bonus Zoe: Meeting Nichelle Nichols was ‘pioneering’

EW has released a short excerpt from a new interview with Saldana on YouTube where she talks about what it was like to meet the late Nichelle Nichols.

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