AP Top 25 by Josh Furlong: As Tennessee goes up, Alabama falls…a little bit

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SALT LAKE CITY If you miss a weekend of college football, you’ve missed some amazing games – most notably the Alabama-Tennessee game that fell into the wire.

The weekend featured five games as both teams were ranked in the AP’s top 25 poll, and most did not disappoint. Meanwhile, six ranked teams were in for a farewell week and watched the chaos unfold in front of them.

Here’s the ballot paper I submitted to the Associated Press that will count in the official poll to be conducted later today.

1. Ohio

It’s been a great week to say goodbye, and the Buckeyes have had to watch the teams below them battle it out. I was tempted to move the Buckeyes out of number one this week, but felt like a farewell week shouldn’t punish them given their success this season. But there are teams below them that are ready to get rid of them if they fail.

2. Georgia

Georgia easily snuffed out the superior Vanderbilt team in a blast fashion before the farewell week. The Bulldogs remain a top-tier team and one of the favorites to break out of the SEC.

3. Tennessee

You’ve talked about not putting Tennessee into the first team this week, but the Foles have a legitimate reason to be ranked there. Tennessee State boasts four wins over the top 25 teams in the time they’ve played (three of them are out of the rankings) and has been one of the most exciting teams in the country—thanks to Hendon Hooker. In the end, I didn’t want to get too caught up in winning this weekend.

4 – Michigan

I talked for a while about how Michigan never played anyone worth bragging about, and thus it was difficult to gauge his talent based on his resume. On Saturday, the Wolverines answered aggressively and took control of the good Penn State team. Jim Harbaugh continues to keep the machine moving.

5. Clemson

Clemson did what he needed to beat a Florida State team that flirted with the top 25. It’s still a solid win and another reason to keep Clemson in my top five. Next week’s game against Syracuse will be a great test for the Tigers.

6. Alabama

Tennessee jumped to a hot start and Alabama looked confused — and Nick Saban threw a tantrum on the sidelines. But with Bryce Young in the middle, there’s no reason to count the crimson tides. The only thing in the Alabama road was a hot Tennessee team that found a way to win in the end. Sure, Alabama shouldn’t be overlooked, but one day it’s deadly.

7. Be a beauty queen

Ole Miss is quietly winning and doing it well. They don’t get publicity from Tennessee, but Jaxson Dart’s ‘Sip’ was a perfect match for head coach Lynn Kevin to be a threat in the SEC. Auburn tried to make the match a little tough on the Ole Miss, but Rebels came out with a 14-point win.

8. TCU

At halftime, the TCU ran a 24-13 deficit, and it looked like Oklahoma State was responsible for proving they were the best team in the Big 12. To double overtime before Kinder Miller fought back for a quick 2-yard touchdown to complete the comeback. TCU won first prize in the Big 12 and is now the team to beat.

9. University of California

With a clean slate, Bruins sat back and watched the chaos unfold on Farewell Week. But the test didn’t get any easier with a 5-1 road game against Oregon.

10. Oregon

Welcome to College GameDay, Eugene. The Ducks also sat through a farewell week and had another week to prepare for the UCLA Hot Team at Autzen Stadium. A few thousand friends might want to come and watch (plus the ESPN crew while they bring Eugene home for the weekend). Next week’s game could have major repercussions for the Pac-12.

sign in: LSU

Drop out of education: kansas

in consideration: Oregon, Kansas, Pittsburgh, UCF, Liberty, Maryland, Tulane

If you can’t see the full ballot below, click here.

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