5 winners and 3 losers from the Chiefs’ win over the Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs were nearly flawless during their Week 14 game on the road against the Denver Broncos — until they weren’t.

After the Chiefs built up a 27-0 lead in the second quarter, some people (without naming any names, Important) were grooming Chad Henne to take over Kansas City at Victory Road.

Sadly, some of the same problems that have plagued the team lately – dropouts, missed tackles, poor pass protection – are again rearing their ugly heads. Spurred on by the Chiefs’ mistakes, the Broncos came back to recharge — and out game.

At the end of the day, the Chiefs made enough plays to win 34-28. We hope we don’t talk about this match again. But while we’re still talking about it, there are some bosses who have stood out.

NB: The application of the “Winners” and “Losers” ratings is not intended to be a judgment on the talent or character of any of these players. It’s just a simple way to rate their performance in a single game. No disrespect intended.


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Running back Jerrick McKinnon: The veteran was easily the team’s leading receiver after scoring on a no-look 56-yard cross pass. Screen play was a key factor against Denver’s good pass rush—and McKinnon provided a crucial turn and finished with power. He was also assigned the task of helping to finish the game – which didn’t help his rushing stats – but catching seven passes for 112 yards and two touchdowns was a stellar day for McKinnon.

Running back Isiah Pacheco: On the two-minute warning on Kansas City’s final drive, the team needed to go down first to get out of the game. They turned to their freshman buzzer linebacker, who effectively ended the game by ripping a 10-yard quarterback on second and 10. Showing off his blast through the hole — as well as his strength and determination — he ran over three Broncos defenders, refusing to deny him his chance on his first down. It was exclamation perfect for his performance, which included 13 carries for 70 yards and another 23 yards on three catches. It shows that if something like a upward wallhe would hack it his way down another one first – then back to the pool.

Linebacker Willie Jay Jr.: Against the Cincinnati Bengals, we lamented that no one on defense seemed to step up and make a big play when the Chiefs needed one. But on Sunday, Jay took matters into his own hands. After sniffing out a fourth-and-one play, Jay deflected the pass onto himself, armed the quarterback and took it home — giving his team what should He was leading an insurmountable 27-0.

# Offside: It was a very productive Kansas City pass rushing day. On most days, getting six sacks and 11 quarterback strikes will result in a dominant defensive performance. Edge adults Chris Jones, George Karlaftis, Mike Dana and Frank Clark all had a sack. Juan Thornhill had another in the blitz – and even Darius Harris got in on the action by sharing a sack with newcomer Brandon Williams. The lane rush was too cling: Jones helped end the game with a hit that caused an interception ending Denver’s final drive. Regardless of the competition, this should be a confidence-inspiring game of passing.

Tommy Townsend: You never want a team player to be busy – or even notice that often. Townsend kicked three times against Denver, but every single one was a solid kick—including a 76-yard catch that was the longest of his career. Turning the pitch can be important in stabilizing the attack again, limiting its options and applying pressure. In fact, each of those kicks led to a drive as Denver was forced to punt. Net mileage gained on those three engines? one yard.


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Quarterback Patrick Mahomes: We can’t overreact. Mahomes resident The best player in the game and the best player in the game. He added one touch to Canton’s highlight reel with that flip to McKinnon – along with another beauty to JuJu Smith-Schuster as he ran in a circle to avoid pressure and then threw it while being hit. He finished the day with 352 yards passing and three touchdowns, a really solid day – Lola else The thing that happened three times. Mahomes was intercepted on a stellar display by linebacker Josie Jewell when the Chiefs were ahead 27-0, resulting in a Denver comeback start. He threw another first inning pick that led to another Broncos score. Then – with less than six minutes remaining (and with a six-point lead) – Mahomes managed to throw another pick at Jewell. Fortunately, Chris Jones and L’Jarius Sneed teamed up to quickly put the ball back on offense. Mahomes’ three picks created the only hope Denver had in the game. Had the Chiefs lost, those interceptions would have wiped out the phenomenal plays he made. Anytime you turn the ball over three times, you put your team at risk of losing – thus you belong on this list.

Linebacker Michael Burton: Running a defender on short yardage is resident dead. Coach Andy Reid tried to get it out with a key in the fourth quarter, but it resulted in a three-goal win.

Corner Buck Trent McDuffie: There was a lot of coverage footage as the Broncos players wanted nothing to do with targeting Trent McDuffie. But the plays most of us will remember began with an easy interception that hit McDuffie in his face mask. Then there was Jerry Goody’s touchdown on the blown coverage as it looked like McDuffie was out of position—or expecting someone else to take the receiver. Then there was the fourth-pass interference call – questionable as that was – as McDuffie was a bit slow moving his head. It was supposed to be a turnover on touchdown runs – but instead it was a 40-yard gain that led to the touchdown that sealed the game. There’s really no reason to worry about McDuffie – even as first manager, he’s still a rookie – but on this day there have been huge plays that haven’t gone his way.

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