Broncos Twitter didn’t have it all with this team

A sixth loss and an offense that barely makes it into a double digit makes the Broncos Country so turbulent.

So restless that some long for Pat Shurmore.

Once again it is completely wasted.

Because over and over again, game after game, lead after drive, defense does things.

Things that actually help offend.

It didn’t help that the offensive line was basically a turn of the players from the third string or the wide receivers and running backs were all out due to injury.

But as Andrew Mason also points out, that bad thing – offense – good defense isn’t just one game or a few matches.

He’s been literally MO Broncos since 2016.

As frustration mounted, calls for changes to the head coach (and some for QB) began growing.

Like it or not, Russell Wilson isn’t going anywhere. His contract remains here until this team can figure out how to make him valuable in the next four to five years.

But his head coach is surely in a hot seat and Nathaniel Hackett would do well to decide to change a few things if he wants a chance to keep his job.

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