Philadelphia Flyers mascot in his breakthrough movie “Abbot”: “I’m not in the business of explaining myself” (EXCLUSIVE)

The school is back in session at “Abbott Elementary,” this time with high-profile guests like Leslie Odom Jr. and… Gretty, the famous mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers.

The mysterious orange hockey supporter plays himself in the second season premiere, “Development Day.” Janine, the second-grade teacher played by series author and recently Emmy Award winner Quinta Bronson, invites Gretty to Abbott Elementary School to surprise the students on their first day at school, even though things inevitably go wrong.

“My Gritty, to me, is a beautiful representation of Philadelphia,” Bronson said in a behind-the-scenes video diverse can exclusively reveal. “The way he feels joy, the way he looks, the way he feels, the way he is.” Sherrill Lee Ralph, who just won an Emmy for her work “Abbott Elementary,” adds: “There are a lot of people who would be creative in Philadelphia. There are a lot of people who would be likable in Philadelphia. None of them come close to the love and admiration that my grit gives. “.

Via email, Gritty took a while to present diverse An exclusive interview about his time on the ABC sitcom.

Are you a fan of Abbott Elementary? Did Quinta Bronson approach you as a guest star, or did you ask to be on the show yourself?

When you get to the level of fame and success that Quinta and I have, you have people for that. Her people came to my people. Of course I’m a fan… It’s a comedy, it’s Philly and the school. I love two of these things!

How did you treat yourself? Did you contribute any action or did you stick to the script?

Some less experienced actors described the challenges of playing yourself in front of the camera. I can not link. Really, I found it refreshing that Hollywood didn’t try to get a C-lister like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to play me at a discount. I stuck with the script but of course added some of the Gritty charm we all know and love.

In the episode, since he’s not from Philadelphia, Gregory (Tyler James Williams) doesn’t understand why you’re so important. How do you explain the Gritti phenomenon to people outside Philly?

I am not working to explain myself or my actions. Either you understand me or you are wrong.

Gregory (Tyler James Williams) and Gretty (same) in “Development Day,” season 2 episode 1 of “Abbott Elementary.”


You were described in the New York Times as “someone you wanted to bring, but not a hug.” But you hug Janine at the end of the episode. How do you decide who to open up to?

Every hug is different. This one in particular didn’t work for me, it was for Janine. I have a keen interest when someone needs a hug, or when a five-pointed bun or cookie sheet is thrown at their face. Although I get confused sometimes. It never ends well.

Should Gregory end up with Janine or Ava?

Only the matchmaker test from Seventeen magazine has the ability to answer this question.

Who in the Abbott Elementary group did you match with your best self? Did you make any enemies?

I’ve had my fair share of performances, but I’ve kept my professionalism this time. My rules are simple. You love me and I love you. As of now, I’m not dealing with anyone from the cast but I might stir up some drama next week if I’m bored.

Who is the biggest Philly icon? you or quinta?

In terms of height, I. Reliable sources (Wikipedia) have Quinta listed at 4 feet 11 inches. If we’re going by the Emmys, you’ve managed to win.

Chris Perfetti, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Lisa Ann Walter, and Quinta Bronson pose for a selfie with Gretty on the set of Abbott Elementary.


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