Ford is retooling its leadership team after warning of supply chain problems

Within 72 hours of warning Wall Street that it plans to spend $1 billion more than expected this quarter on supply chain costs, Ford Motor Co. announced a realignment of part of its executive leadership team that oversees supply chain management and product development — while adding more silicon. Technical talents in the valley.

A shortage of spare parts delays production and delivery, frustrates customers and frustrates investors. Pickup trucks waiting for parts are stocked in lots around Dearborn and other cities.

Ford, which saw its stock price plummet with the disappointing news, said in a press release Monday that these latest leadership changes will “enhance product creation and transform global supply chain management.”

The company indicated in the statement that the situation is resilient as it looks for a leader to manage the situation.

Ford President and CEO Jim Farley speaks to the media after he and DTE officials, during a press conference at the Wayne Ford Michigan Assembly Plant Adjustment Center on August 10, 2022, announced a historic deal between the two entities whereby Ford would operate all of its Michigan-based factories. sustainable energy.

Ford continues to hunt CEOs from prestigious Silicon Valley companies as the 119-year-old automaker pushes deeper into electric vehicle (EV) production and digital connectivity.

The most recent administrative changes include:

  • Doug Field has expanded his role as Head of Advanced Product Development and Chief Technology Officer while Ford Model e increases its all-electric operations. He will continue to oversee electric vehicles, digital software and systems development, and driver assistance, while now taking on the design and engineering of vehicle hardware.
  • Jim Baumbick is Vice President, Product Development Operations, Cycle Planning and Internal Combustion Engine Programs to power all product development operations for Ford Blue.
  • John Lawler, Ford’s chief financial officer, steps in as interim head of global supply chain “to oversee the change of Ford’s global supply chain operations” until someone is selected for the position.
  • Roz Ho joined the company in October after serving for three years as Vice President and Global Head of Programs at HP in Palo Alto, California, and before those companies including Microsoft.
  • Jay Park, a former vice president of Google and Amazon, joined Ford in August as vice president of digital product design, according to his LinkedIn profile. He spent over 11 years at Microsoft as Creative Director and Design Leader.
  • Sami Al-Omari joined Ford as Executive Director of Advanced Driver Assistance Technologies. His LinkedIn profile describes him as Vice President of Engineering, Head of Autonomy and Mapping at Motional, the joint venture for autonomous vehicles between Hyundai and Aptiv. Previously, Al Omari oversaw motion planning, motion control software and forecasting at Lyft. He also served as Director of Engineering, responsible for GoPro’s robotics, computer vision, and machine learning.
  • According to LinkedIn, Rob Bedichek, who previously worked at Intel and Apple, is continuing his role as the platform engineering executive he started in December. He designs computer systems and services. Ford announced his rental with these latest developments.
  • Lisa Drake, Vice President, Electric Vehicle Manufacturing, now directs the manufacturing engineering as Ford works to reach a production rate of 2 million electric vehicles per year by the end of 2026.
  • Chuck Gray, who served as vice president of electric vehicle technology, and became vice president, of vehicle hardware engineering.
  • Drake and Gray report to Field, as well as Anthony Law, Ford’s chief design officer.
  • Jonathan Jennings, Vice President of Supply Chain, takes on additional responsibility for supplier technical assistance and quality and reports to Lawler.

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