Emotional Carr on the podium after the Raiders’ recent loss

LAS VEGAS – Swinging back and forth on the podium with tears in his eyes and a paused voice, Derek Carr has apologized for being “emotional” in the wake of the Las Vegas Raiders’ 25-20 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday at Allegiant Stadium.

The Colts came with a temporary head coach who never trained above high school level on Jeff Saturday, an offensive coordinator who never called plays at Parks Fraser and a veteran quarterback who was benched earlier in the season at Matt Ryan.

Carr needed several layoffs to collect himself, as the Raiders quarterback addressed what happened during the defeat that dropped the Las Vegas record to 2-7 in a season that started with plenty of promise after a year of only going through the playoffs. For the second time since 2002.

“I love silver and black and will give them everything I can every time I go out there,” Carr said. “And I can’t speak for everyone, for every man, what’s going on in their heads, but I can tell you what’s on my head and I’ll do all I can, every time.”

Carr paused for 12 seconds before being asked if there was a “break up” between him and Year One coach and offensive caller Josh McDaniels.

“I don’t think so,” Carr said, crying. “I love Josh. I love our coaches. They have achieved nothing but success. Much more success than I have ever had. And I’m sorry…”

The Choker Carr paused again for eight seconds.

“Sorry for being sentimental,” he continued. “I just get annoyed with some of the things, you know, that a lot of us are trying to do just to exercise. What we put in our bodies, just to sleep at night.”

Carr paused again for nine seconds.

“And for it to be the result of all that effort, I get pissed off,” he said. “Lots of guys pee. It’s hard, figuring out what some guys do…just to train. What they put in their bodies just to sleep at night. Just so we can be there for each other. And I hope everyone in that room feels the same way.” Towards this place. And as a leader, this displeases me, if I’m honest.”

It was the Raiders’ sixth loss of the season, and tied for third-loss unwinnable single-game singles in a single season since 2000 with the 2017 Cincinnati Bengals, behind the 2001 Carolina Panthers (0-9), and the 2019 Bengals ( 0-8), according to ESPN Statistics and Information Research.

That’s after the Raiders went 7-2 in single-score games last season and won four games in a row to finish 10-7 and forge their way into the post-season under interim coach Rich Bisaccia and general manager Mike Mayock. Raiders owner Mark Davis chose to replace them with New England Patriots Stalwarts McDaniels and Dave Ziegler, respectively, saying the steps were made to take the Raiders “to the next level.”

Instead, after landing All-Pro receiver Carr’s college teammate Davante Adams, the Raiders had the second-worst record in the NFL, Carr seemed lost at times to the McDaniels attack and the post-game locker room was filled with frustration and apparent discord, with the Several players cursing loudly and one apologizing to the other.

Carr said the captains spoke to the locker room after the game.

“Not a magic message,” said Adams, who had nine catches for 126 yards, with a 48-yard catch and a TD run. “We’ll keep what was said at home. It wasn’t a crazy thing, just, we had a conversation as a team.”

When asked if players don’t “buy” the McDaniels system, Adams shrugged his shoulders.

“I don’t think we’re like, ‘What’s he talking about,’ or ‘I’m against the current,'” Adams said. “It’s just a matter of execution when the time is right.”

“It’s hard to know what some guys do…just to train. What they put in their bodies just to sleep at night. Just so we’re there for each other. And I hope everyone in that room feels the same way about this place. And as a leader, that excites My resentment, if I’m being honest.”

QB Raiders Derek Carr

Carr, who scored 0-for-5 in the first quarter, the first time any quarterback has thrown at least five passes in a quarter this season without completing, was 11-for-11 in the second quarter. He finished 24 of 38 for 248 yards and two TDs, but his last shot, fading into the left side of the end zone for Adams in fourth and seventh from the Colts’ 16-yard streak with 52 seconds to play, was broken down by Cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

The ninth-year veteran said he was not “perfect” after the match.

“I’ll never be perfect,” Carr said. “But my love for this place, and the efforts I will make, will be second to none, every time.

“I’ve been blown away by the feelings of just nine years of stuff today, how much I really love this place. It’s not going to change anything. I’m going out here and fighting and competing next week, and that’s what I’m going to do.”

However, he was booed so badly by fans that a photo of him appeared after the match walking off the field.

“I never take it personally,” he said. “I’m just the one who’s been here the longest.

“I’m mad about it too, so don’t worry about it.”

As speculation swirls about McDaniels’ job security, the coach said, “It starts with me.

“So, you know, we’re going to have to figure out something different to do to try to break free from some of these tight scores and close matches, and/or do enough plays at the end to win. So it always starts with us, starts with me, so I’m going to do whatever I can to try and figure out What we can do best to change outcomes.”

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