Latest Extension Talks Between the Braves, Dansby Swanson

There’s about a week until the impending free agents are allowed to talk to the other teams. Clubs have an exclusive negotiation window with their free agents for five days after the end of the World Championship.

An extension of any notable off-season free agent close would score as a huge surprise, but teams will still be in touch with their best players. Brave and all star short Dansby Swanson We’ve been talking about potential contracts since at least mid-August. Justin Toscano of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote last month that the two sides exchanged formal proposals, and John Heyman of the New York Post now sheds more light on the discussions. According to Heyman, Braves bid in the $100 million range at some point during the season.

Exactly when the Braves made the proposal is unknown, but it is now clear that Swanson is in a solid position to cash in nearly $100 million in his next deal. He headed to a free agency following a career year. The previous first overall pick had always been a solid defensive stopping point, but he was arguably the best defensive player in the game in 2022. That earned him his first Gold Glove career a few months after his first trip to the Midsummer Classic. Swanson also had one of his best offensive tackles, connecting in 25 home rounds and spreading a .277/.329/.447 streak while playing every one of Atlanta’s games.

Swanson’s production waned a bit in the second half, but his overall streak was 16 points above the league average on the WRC+ scale. This is true in line with the platform public view of Javier Baez And even better Trevor’s storyEvery single one of them was a free agent in a loaded shortstop class off last season. Both Báez and Story have been going seasons as young as 29, as is now the case with Swanson. They each took out $140 million in guarantees on the open market, and both players locked opt-out terms into their deals (although the Red Sox can bypass Story opt-outs by activating the club’s option for season seven). Swanson’s representatives at Excel Sports Management are certainly well aware of those recent precedents, and it makes sense that they might be looking to beat the $140 million mark.

Both Swanson and Atlanta, head of baseball operations, Alex Anthopoulos, registered their joint desire to keep the stage short in Atlanta. Swanson is a Georgia native who has never played for another team in the big league, and it stands to reason that he would be happy to stay. It’s not known if he’ll get some sort of discount for doing so, though he apparently declined an offer in a nine-figure world that suggests he’s not entirely averse to market testing.

Braves have been removed for a year from a major predicament with the former franchise icon Freddy Freeman. Those talks reportedly got in the way of the Braves’ reluctance to go on for a guaranteed six years, and Freeman eventually signed with the Dodgers after Atlanta switched relegation and extension. Matt Olson. Freeman was also a client of Excel Sports Management at the time, but Swanson has consistently maintained that stepping back from the job would have no effect on his relationship with the Braves or his agency.

Obviously, Swanson’s refusal to offer an extension is no guarantee of his departure. Heymann reported that the proposal was made at some point during the season, and Anthopoulos confirmed after their season ended, that the team was still interested in a long-term deal. It makes sense that they have kept in touch and will continue to do so throughout the season. The Braves are sure to make a qualifying bid for Swanson next week, which he will turn down in search of a much longer and higher commitment.

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