Kantara Movie Review: A Fascinating Folk Story

The movie: Al Qantara
evaluation: 3/5

Signboard: Humpal movies
spit: Rishabh Shetty, Kishore, Ashyuth Kumar, Sabtami Gowda and others
Music: Aganesh Loknath
Director of Photography: Arvind S Kashyap
editor: KM Prakash, Prateek Shetty
Producer: Vijay Kiragandor
Written and directed by: Rishabh Shetty
Release date: October 15 2022

After setting fire to the box office in Karnataka, the latest Kannada song ‘Kantara’ was dubbed into Telugu and hit screens today.

Let’s find out what all the hype is about.

a story:

The king in the nineteenth century gave his forest land to the people of the local tribe. In the 1970s, one of the king’s successors attempted to claim the lands as his. When he moves to court to claim the land, he dies on the steps of the court.

In 1990, forest officer Murali (Kishore) imposed restrictions on forest dwellers saying that government lands are untouchable. A local young man, Shiva (Rishab Shetty), challenges Murali.

Shiva is also a loyal follower of the local feudal lord Devendra (Ashyuth Kumar). Assuming wrongly that Murali is trying to usurp their community from the forests, Shiva opposes him. Shiva’s father was a performer of Kula rituals, in their forests, his cousin Jourova practices the same.

When Gurova was brutally murdered, Shiva learned of the reality. The rest of the drama is about revenge.

Artist Shows:

Kannada actor Rishab Shetty fits well with the character of the 90’s country guy. His impressive performance is shown in the penultimate sequence. His acting is simply fantastic in the last 25 minutes.

Kishore as a forest officer does an excellent job. Achyuth Kumar as a feudal lord gives an outstanding performance. Sapthami Gowda as the heroine is fine.

Technical Excellence:

The film has a technical brilliance. First class cinematography. The events of the movie are set in a deep jungle, and the shooting of Kollam and Buffalo Race series is amazing.

The background score of music director Aganesh and the great shots of the photographer created a great atmosphere. They steal the show. The movie is progressing at a slow pace.

climax sequence
Cinematography and background music
Rashab’s last performance

middle part
cliched jokes


To know about latest Kannada blockbuster ‘Kantara’ we also need to know the customs, folk culture and land of Dakshina Karnataka (Mangalore District). The Western Ghats region of Karnataka is home to deep forests and a unique culture. Bahuta Kula is a ritual in which a man performs with all colored makeup and finally gives a speech. People believe that speech is the word of God. This myth or legend exists in this region. Some families follow customs.

The hero of “Kantara” belongs to the Bhuta Kula family. The film begins with the story of King in 1847 and then moves to 1970 when the hero’s father performs Kolam’s show and mysteriously disappears in the woods. In 1990, as the story unfolds, dreams haunt the hero. He sees God coming in Varha Rupam. It is his fault that he hunts pigs in the woods.

So there is his father’s hero, Bhut Cola, and a person who sees God in dreams. The hero works for a feudal lord who acts as their protector. Then the main conflict revolves around encroachment on forests and land. Director Rishabh Shetty added elements of legend, folklore and local traditions to tell the story. We need to take all these things into account to understand this movie.

Simply put, the movie is a regular masala thriller of a brother taking revenge on a feudal lord who kills his cousin. There are banal sequences. The love story between hero and heroine is boring. It lacks any novelty. The villain is in plain sight. The role of the villain (played by Achyuth Kumar from ‘KGF’) is also quite corny.

Comedy scenes and drinking sequences are boring, too. But despite these issues, several elements make the movie unique and immersive.

Much of the film delves into the protagonist’s hunting habits, his romantic episodes, his camaraderie with local friends, and their village issues. But when the hero’s cousin is murdered, the movie takes a completely different path and turns into a thrilling journey. The last twenty minutes of this movie make for a great experience. The acting, the taking, the music, and the sound design are all synchronized well in this episode. Thus, “Al Qantara” became an impressive movie.

“Qantara” means a deep forest. For Telugu audience, middle parts and some comedy sequences do not work but the strength of the movie lies in its climax episode and technical aspects. Overall, this movie takes the audience into a different world with its great background and sound effects. This is for those who want to experience an out-of-the-box experience.

minimum: different experience

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