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  • Add Raheem Mostert: The Miami Dolphins ran more ways in Week Two than any game in their NFL career, which may be a sign of things to come.
  • Cuts Kenny Goladay: The New York Giants wide receiver has been moved to the bottom of its depth chart and can be healthy inactive when everyone else is healthy.
  • sell at high price Damon Pierce: The rookie Houston Texans became clear early on, but he hasn’t played in passing positions, and Houston will have a lot of those going forward.
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This piece is a one-stop shop for fantasy directors to manage their fantasy list early in the week. For more players to add, check out the weekly waiver wireFor more information about last week’s games in general, check out fantasy football abstract.

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5 players to add

1. RB Raheem MostertAnd the Miami Dolphin

Mostert was more involved this week than last, gaining 51 yards from 11 holders and collecting three passes for 28 yards.

  • Chase Edmonds I played in the majority of the early picks in the first week, but that changed to Mostert seeing the majority in the second week.
  • Mostert had never run 20 or more pass lanes in a game prior to week two.
  • Edmunds seemed to have a reliable fantasy start due to Mostert’s lack of use of the passing game throughout his career, but that may not be the case.
  • Mostert hasn’t played much in clear passing situations, which limits his lead.
  • Any return that can earn double the number of money and a few catches each week should be on fancy lists.

2. RB tyler limeAnd the Atlanta Falcons

Allgeier ran the ball 10 times for the Hawks, gaining 30 yards after being inactive the previous week.

  • Taking Damian Williams‘ spotwho reached the injured reserve and was out for at least three more matches.
  • Allgeier is the first of a handful of players on this list intended primarily for fantasy directors looking for a comeback that probably starts in September but not necessarily in the long run.
  • Both Avery Williams And the Caleb Huntley He also played, and Williams in particular played two-minute practice shots.
  • There is a possibility that Atlanta will turn into one of those two backs next week after the Allgear have been ineffective on the ground.
  • There is also the possibility that Allgeier will become captain for the remainder of the season.
3. WR Josh PalmerAnd the Los Angeles Chargers

Palmer picked up four passes from eight goals for 30 yards and touched down Thursday Night Football Kenan Allen He was outside with the injury.

  • Some of the shortfalls were poor throws, and there was also defensive interference in the pass that was not considered an official goal. His baseline would have been a lot better if those things were a little different.
  • It is clear that Palmer is ahead Galen Gayton On the depth chart after splitting time in 2021.
  • He will continue to play most wide triple receiver sets even when Allen is healthy again.
  • Must be the top three wide receivers of all elite crimes in fiction lists.

4. The Logan ThomasAnd the Washington leaders

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