Weekend Waiver Wire Stash: Week 10 (Fantasy Football 2022)

It might be worth looking beyond week 10 just to get support for your league mates and not have to break the FAAB bank to get them. Here are some options for this weekend.


Deshaun Watson (QB – CLE) – 35% included in listings

I have my opinions on Deshaun Watson, and I’m glad I didn’t feature him in the leagues, but it’s worth the upbringing here for anyone who has a hard quarter in the middle and needs someone with a slightly bigger cap. Watson is eligible to return to the team in Week 13 against his former team, Texas. You’ll likely want to see what a rusty Watson looks like before you hook it up as a beginner, in which case you might not be able to start it until week 14 on the road against the Bengals before facing the billowing crows at home. I’m skeptical about how good fantasy football Watson can get for about two years without a game, but he might be worth just hiding so your opponents don’t have it.

Jimmy Garoppolo (QB – SF) – 54% are listed

The exemption wire is pretty thin this week as coaches gear up for the preliminary matches and make sure they have the depth to survive the farewell weeks, so we’ll be pressing a little more than 50% on the roster to look at Jimmy Garoppolo, who has a game in Week 11 against the Cardinals giving away The seventh place in terms of the number of fantasy points, then in the thirteenth week, he faces Miami, which allows the most points. Garoppolo struggles to reach the 20-plus fantasy points often, but he’s had 15 or more in five of his seven games this year.

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Kadarius Toney (WR – KC) – 50% included in the listings

In his Chiefs debut, Kadarius Toney played only six shots, but he targeted two of them. The team clearly wants things to work out for him in Kansas. In 2021 we saw Tony have some big days in limited use with Jason Jarrett as his offensive coordinator and Daniel Jones as the quarterback, so it seems fair to expect better days with better surroundings.

Odell Beckham Jr. (WR – CLE) – 47% are listed

According to multiple reports, Odell Beckham is now medically eligible to play, and his free agency market appears to be getting nicely heated up. When Beckham was traded to the Rams in 2021 after his first game, as he didn’t have much time to prepare, he went on to score 50 PPR points in his next three games. It’s hard to anticipate what kind of workload or schedule Beckham might have, but any team he adds at this point in the season will do so for a reason and will likely get him involved a lot.

Elijah Moore (WR-NYJ) – 28% listed

Coach Robert Saleh spoke this week about the plan going forward for Elijah Moore to play from the hole more often, which should open up a larger volume of goals, along with being usually easier than goals on the border. Admittedly, Moore has only had one catch in his last four games, but if he does move into the slot, those fortunes could change. Moore scored the highest score in the 2021 receivers class when playing in the slot, and it was a bit surprising that the Jets didn’t use it there much. When Moore played from the slot in 2021, he had a target share of 37% and was a monster for the PPR formats.

Jarvis Landry (WR – NO) – 17% included in listings

Michael Thomas has been left out for the season due to a dislocated toe, and while junior sensation Chris Olaf isn’t going anywhere, the Saints have room for another striker to count on in their attack, and Jarvis Landry should eventually be able to step into that role after Slow start in the march of saints.

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Gus Edwards (RB – BAL Right Back) – 48% are listed

The “Gus Bus” was given extra time off as the Ravens decided not to push him to play against the Saints when they now had a farewell week. Prior to his hamstring injury, Edwards was the clear number one on the back field, with JK Dobbins in the injured reserve. The Ravens have become very tough in recent weeks as the offensive line has dominated, and the Ravens now face a series of matches where they only face one opponent with a winning record, the Bengals, in Week 18. The Ravens return to the ground and pound version of themselves in 2019 and run the ball down the opponent’s throats while taking all the time. Edwards did well in his limited time on the court, averaging 5.02 yards per carry.

White Rashad (RB – TB) – 40% included in the listings

Tampa is still struggling, and there are rumors that the team plans to utilize Rashad White even more going forward, with Leonard Fournette ranking near the bottom of all racers on most proficiency metrics. At week nine, white has set its highest in pregnancy and touches, and it wouldn’t be shocking to see this usage grow further. The Bucs Seahawks in Germany face off a week ago 11, but then, they have a friendly showdown against a hasty defense from the poor Cleveland and then the Saints, who only let the crows run at them. White has been in this column for a few weeks now, and I will confirm that he is one of the most valuable handcuffs in fiction.

Jaylene Warren (right-back – hole) – 26% are listed

There have been conflicting reports out there this week about what the Steelers’ backfield use might look like. However, one thing is for sure: Jaylen Warren has looked more efficient and explosive than Nagy Harris, who hasn’t run a single distance of 20 yards or more this season. As Harris struggles, perhaps due to his injured foot and the incompetence of the offensive line, Warren thrives. The Steelers felt comfortable using Warren in both a running and passing game, as Warren was able to capture 86% of his goals. If the Steelers decide to shut down Harris in this lost season for any reason, Warren will have a 3D workload the rest of the way.

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Hayden Hearst (TE – CIN) – 53% included in the lists

The Bengals are currently in a farewell week, but it could be worth hiding Hayden Hurst, who is the eighth tight end in the PPR format and has averaged 5.3 goals per game. Hearst also has seven goals in the red, and it’s a pity he hasn’t turned it into more than two of his so far. After a match with the Steelers in Week 11, Hearst faces the Titans and Chiefs in friendly matches for tight ends.

Cool Quit (TE – CHI) – 52% are listed

Until week eight, Cole Kemet hasn’t scored a touchdown since week 13 of the 2020 season. Since week eight, he’s had three games in two. This Bears offense continues with the new proven mid-season scheme, and Justin Fields’ first-time pass options are booming all year long. Kmet averages just 28 yards over his last three games, but he has a match in Week 11 against the Hawks, who allow his top six fantasy points to go against tight ends.


Cincinnati Bengals – 31% listed

The Bengals are currently undergoing a farewell week, but when they return, they face the Steelers and Titans, who are number one on the most fantasy points allowed to oppose defenses. It’s worth hiding, especially with Kenny Beckett’s match in mind.

New York Jets – 20% listed

The Jets’ defense finally looks like the version that Robert Saleh dreamed of, and they’ve scored double-digit Fantasy points in four of their last six games while never dropping below eight. The Jets face troubled Mac Jones upon their return in Week 11.

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