Amazon is bribing people to watch Lord Of The Rings while still underperforming

Amazon seems so desperate to get Brazilians to watch The Rings of Power, they’re giving them free food vouchers.

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It may sound like a bad joke, but Amazon Prime Video is reportedly giving away free food to Brazilian viewers if they’re going to watch the Lord of the Rings series, rings of power. According to a new video by YouTuber George The Giant Slayer, a visit to the Prime Video Brazil Instagram account reveals an offer of a coupon to iFood, a food delivery service that is the Brazilian version of DoorDash or UberEats. Important: You must watch the first episode of rings of power To get him.

George the Giant Slayer shared screenshots from Amazon Prime Video Brazil’s Instagram account, promising to email an iFood coupon to Prime subscribers after watching the first episode of rings of power. While this sounds like a big deal, it should be noted that the coupon offers viewers 30 reais, which converts to about $5 in US money. That’s not even enough for a fast food value meal in America, but perhaps Brazilian restaurants offer better deals.

Screenshot (with subtitles) from Prime Video Brazil’s Instagram

Bounding Into Comics explained how this is Amazon’s latest attempt to get someone — anyone — to watch the show, which started with promising ratings after its Sept. 1 premiere. However, according to various tracking services, viewership declined in subsequent weeks. It rebounded in the Oct. 14 season finale, but the bad hype surrounding the series looms like clouds over Mount Doom in Mordor.

George the Giant Slayer, in typical YouTube fashion, has his own heated take on why the series failed, blaming it on the show’s “wake up” mentality. Even for those who make this argument, it’s hard to tie the show’s struggles to this factor alone.

Although Lord of the Rings fans have come to terms with many aspects, themes, and characterizations of the show, it has had some promising and entertaining elements. Ishmael Cruz Córdova’s portrayal of the imp Arundir, who leads the fight against the orcs, was excellent, but the series as a whole felt very disjointed, failing to bring together several parallel stories and multiple characters by the season’s end. Even the most die-hard Tolkien fans admitted that they had trouble keeping track of the many characters and deep references to mythology, so casual viewers were often lost as to what was going on.

By contrast, HBO’s Game of thrones Prequel series Dragon house I had a similar challenge getting viewers on a series that no one was really asking for. While the Dragon Often stuttering in its first season, with its time jumps and character recasts, its focused story and entertaining episodes piqued skeptics. as a result of, Dragon house It attracts more viewers than rings of power.

The promotion appears to be an effort to keep viewers engaged as the season wraps up and catch viewers’ attention elsewhere. Disney+ is trying a similar approach with its Star Wars live-action series Andorby showing the first two episodes on cable TV to attract viewers.

Bounding Into Comics also mentions a rumor that Amazon is considering a reboot altogether rings of power, in an effort to complete a full-blown second season that could see a completely different story or even characters. Considering the hundreds of millions that Amazon has committed here, this rumor is either complete nonsense or a desperate move to save the series, and sadly, both seem plausible at this point.

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