Madame Clairevoyant: Horoscopes for the week of November 14

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Late on Tuesday night, Venus enters Sagittarius, and in the small hours of Thursday morning, Mercury also enters. Sagittarius is a sign of action and adventure, and a sincere engagement with the world. While the sun is still moving through intense Scorpio and Mars retrograde continues to spoil some plans, this week’s influx of Sagittarius energy promises optimism and much-needed fun. Feel your confidence – in your own ideas, your charisma, and your ability to make life beautiful – back. Keep in mind that the impossible may be within reach. It’s been tough going lately, but you’re still here and things are going to get a lot brighter.

It is not always easy to distinguish between stability and stagnation, between settling into a healthy routine and just stabilizing. Remember this week that there is room for you between the two extremes. You can be satisfied with what your life is like and still need excitement, novelty, and motivation. So focus on making small, meaningful changes. Get rid of the cobwebs, talk to a stranger, and visit a place you’ve never been before. You don’t have to throw your life into chaos to have the adventures you are looking for.

Most days, the universe doesn’t offer you many opportunities to act bravely, to take great risks in the pursuit of happiness, glory, or love. This does not mean that you do not live a meaningful life. A small, consistent effort toward your goals can be more valuable than any great gesture. But you deserve to experience the thrill of doing a heroic, daring act. You are be Brave, and you deserve the chance to show yourself and the world. So, this week, don’t shy away from challenges. You can take anything.

One of the difficulties of maintaining personal relationships is that we do not all move at the same emotional pace. We each develop intimacy on our own schedule and let our guard down at different speeds. This week, you may feel strangely incompatible with someone in your life. Perhaps one of you wants much more than the other is willing to give; You may misunderstand each other. Don’t ignore potential problems, but don’t worry very A lot too. People are messy (more than usual at the moment), but true love and care are resilient. The relationships that matter to us will last.

When you love, you do so sincerely and deeply. You’ll do practically anything for the people you care about, to put their needs above yours. Remember this week that selflessness is not required of you – it is a choice. And if it does not serve you, you can always choose differently. If you are unhappy and underappreciated, or your needs or desires have changed, that is reason enough. There doesn’t need to be much drama, and you don’t have to take your case before a fictitious cosmic judge. If you want something different, go for it.

Sometimes you feel like you’re not getting any fun. Others dream of big ideas, but you are the one who has to do the actual work; Your friends or colleagues get exciting flips and make mistakes, but you’re stuck cleaning them up. You worry that you can never get away, never lose your grip, without risking falling into chaos. This week, reassure yourself that this is not true. You don’t have to be responsible all the time. The world wouldn’t collapse without you, so take a well-deserved moment to enjoy yourself.

It’s easy (and in a way comforting) to act as if the future has been set in stone. You imagine that you can read the omens, anticipate trends, and determine how everything will turn out. There is satisfaction in knowing, even if that knowledge is not particularly pleasant. But this week, act as if the future is not written, because that is the truth; Signs are not certainty, and patterns are not deterministic. Wonder and magic are also present. You can change a lot by staying brave, keeping faith, and refusing to give up.

Everyone needs to take a break now and then, to make fun but perhaps unwise choices, to speak up without thinking about the consequences. The problem is the embarrassment that comes next, and it’s painful enough to make you bent on being careful and thoughtful for the rest of your life. But, of course, this is not possible. You can’t always watch what she’s saying, and you can’t ignore all the excitement of unbridled, cheerful abandon. And you don’t have to. This week, give yourself permission to do what you want, to forget about your meticulous plans and follow your heart where it leads you. You’ll be glad you took a chance.

The big challenge for you this week is to practice being open to others. no Everyone, clearly; The world is full of bad people. But it’s also full of good, real, wonderful people who can make your days sweeter if you’re brave enough to let them in. Life is lonely as it is. You deserve familiarity and support, and the only way to get it is to go out on a limb and trust people. This is not entirely without risks. Sometimes you will get hurt and let down, but until then, it’s worth opening up.

This week is as good a time as any to extract the impossible. why not? For a long time, you have been eager to keep your dreams realistic, and be realistic in making plans for the future. But this does not guarantee success either. No matter how careful you are, and how much you try to be rational, there is still a chance that you will fail. So you might as well think well. You will stumble along the way (this is inevitable), but you will have more fun too. Your life will become bigger and more interesting. You will unlock possibilities you never imagined.

You are good at keeping your messy self under wraps. You know how to hide your weaknesses and insecurities behind professionalism, how to mask turbulent feelings with an aura of constant coldness. This skill can protect you, but eventually it becomes aloof. It makes it hard to relax and enjoy yourself. So this week, stop trying to control you. People will respond just as well (maybe better than you think!) when you let your flawed, perfect personality emerge. Those who love you don’t need the sterile version. They want to get to know you.

Lately, I’ve been worried that you might never find what you’re looking for. That the perfect person, job, or perfect place to live always remains out of reach, and you’ll never be satisfied. And maybe it’s true that you won’t find it exactly What do you think you want. Fortunately, you don’t need perfection — and you may not need what you think you’re doing. This week you will find that your tastes and preferences, as well as your capacity for love and delight, are more expansive than you thought. Opportunities for fun, connection, and love are everywhere, so don’t hold back. Embrace happiness where you can find it.

You’ve felt like everything is so intense lately – not only in the world, but inside of you as well. You are fully aware of the consequences of every step you take and your word you speak. All of your relationships seem fraught with possibilities, and all of your conversations are full of hidden meanings. But all this is going to be very challenging, so this week allow yourself to be a casual and drama-free activities and interactions. Don’t take every small decision too seriously. Remember that you are allowed to have fun.

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