17 Iconic Princess Diana Outfits Perfectly Revamped in Season 5 of ‘The Crown’

The upcoming fifth season of the crown It finally hit Netflix, along with a brand new cast to film all the drama and scandals the royal family went through during the ’90s.

While fans were critical of the cast’s casting choices for the final part (I’m sorry, but Dominic West is too attractive to play Prince Charles), there was widespread praise for Elizabeth Debicki’s performance as Princess Diana.

From the very first episode, Elizabeth conveys the essence of Diana – from her mannerisms to her emotional hardships and of course the love she feels for William and Harry.

This would not have been possible without her the crown The amazing fashion department, which took inspiration from and reinvented a number of Diana’s most iconic outfits. So, let’s take a closer look at what was portrayed in the Netflix series versus what Diana wore in real life.


First, here’s Diana in a floral dress for the season 5 premiere as she prepares to go on her “second honeymoon” with Charles. In real life, Diana wore a similar dress during her visit to Nigeria in 1990.


In the same episode, Diana is seen wearing an off-white blouse and skirt, with a matching belt. In real life, Diana wore an almost identical outfit during a trip to Egypt in 1992.


Later, we see Diana wearing a leopard print swimsuit the crownwhich was certainly inspired by this realistic costume worn during a holiday in 1990 on Necker Island.


At the Ghillies Ball in Balmoral, we see Diana in a white, pearl dress and tartan sash, about to pose in the outfit she wore to the Real Ghillies Ball in 1991.


For a press appearance at a local hospital, Diana wears a red and black suit with gold buttons. In real life, Diana wore a very similar outfit while touring a redevelopment project in 1993.


If there’s one thing Diana is known for, it’s her sporty style – which usually consists of an oversized jacket and bike shorts. the crown He perfectly recreates this by including it in the Harvard sweatshirt Diana wore in 1997.


Here’s Diana in another floral dress the crownwhich may have been inspired by the same outfit she wore in 1991 while standing next to Barbara Bush, wife of former US President George Bush Sr.


In the third episode, Diana meets Mohammed and Dodi Al-Fayed at a polo match, wearing a purple suit. In real life, Diana wore a matching colored suit while visiting the USA in 1997.


Probably the most famous outfit Diana wears – both in real life and in the crown — it’s her revenge dress she wore to the Serpentine Show in 1994. The fashion department worked on this dress entirely, replicating the look of the dress and the jewelry.


On Prince William’s first day at Eton, Diana’s stunning blue jacket and all-black outfit were completely redesigned. the crown.


In Episode VII, Diana visits her brother, Earl Spencer, wearing a red puffer jacket. In real life, Diana owned a similar jacket that she wore on a ski vacation in 1993.


There is also a scene that shows Diana wearing a gorgeous sequined dress, which looks almost identical to the dress Diana wore to a charity dinner in 1996.


Diana wears several different outfits when visiting Hasnat Khan in hospital, including this green number Diana wore IRL in 1992 while in France.


There’s also this new design of the green turtleneck sweater set that the real Diana wore in 1993.


From the hair, to the makeup, to the looks and manners of Diana, the crown They nailed their recovery to meet Martin Bashir.


And finally, in one of Diana’s last appearances in the crown Season 5, we see her attending the Royal Gala أداء Swan Lake While wearing a blue dress. Around the same time in real life, Diana also wore a similar dress while attending the ballet.


But it seems the crown She may also have been influenced by this beaded, halter-neck dress that Diana wore in 1995.

mainstays of the crown Fashion department! What’s your favorite Diana outfit this season?

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