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Padres reached the NLCS for the first time since 1998, but their season ended yesterday when he was knocked out by Velez in five games. San Diego is now turning their attention to the off-season, where they will face a fair amount of potential roster spin around a star-studded core.

We will see San Diego Mike ClevengerAnd the Shawn MindMid-season trade pickups Josh Bell And the Brandon Drury and diluents Pierce Johnson And the Craig Stamen Everything hit free agency. A handful of other players have contract options that could take them to the open market. Whoever Nick MartinezAnd the Robert Suarez And the gorexson brovar He has the ability to withdraw from their contracts this winter. Will MyersHe, meanwhile, has a $20 million team option which he is sure to buy for $1 million.

Martinez and Suarez were two high-leveragers in San Diego, raising the possibility that a large portion of Padres’ game will reach the open market. As part of a broader look at the questions facing the list (a piece worth reading in full), Kevin Asey of the San Diego Union-Tribune suggests that Martinez is likely to test the open market. The right-hander signed a four-year, $25.5 million guarantee last winter after three seasons in Japan, with the contract giving him the opportunity to withdraw after each season. He’s worth $19.5 million over the next three years, but he’ll be worth a $1.5 million buyout if he chooses, which means he’s left to decide if he can beat a three-year, $18 million guarantee on the open market.

MLBTR’s Steve Adams took a detailed look at the situation last month, noting that Martinez’s strong off-duty performance made this an interesting call. Acee notes that Martinez can prioritize finding an opportunity to rotate after working in a swing role this year. The 32-year-old started 10 of his first 12 outings but switched to the Bullpen full-time in mid-June. At the time of his transfer, he had a 4.05 ERA with an average strike rate of 21.9% and a high walking rate of 10.4%. After moving into relief, Martinez worked 46 tires from 2.74 Era balls. He lowered his walking rate to 7.4%, but his strike rate was reduced by a percentage point. Despite his lack of power, swing and miss, Martinez made eight saves and was an overall versatile piece for coach Bob Melvin.

Martinez’s apparent desire for a spinning spot in San Diego shouldn’t be discounted. While he was coming out of the middle of the mixed season, the brothers continued to deal Mackenzie Gor In the John Soto trade. Besides the above-mentioned free agencies from Clevinger and Manaea, there must be a great deal of opportunity behind Joe MusgroveAnd the Yo Darwish And the Blake Snell. Acee points out that Padres does not want to give up the usability Adrien Morigon For a start, however. Once one of the game’s top throw prospects, southpaw has knocked out 26 times this year after nearly missing last season due to Tommy John’s surgery. Morejon isn’t guaranteed a place to rotate in next year’s season opener, but the brothers appear open to bringing him back out after a healthy off-season.

Suarez was a more direct power arm. He is also an out-of-the-NPB entrant in the last season and made 45 regular season appearances despite missing two months due to an inflammation in his right knee. He scored a 2.27 ERA across 47 2/3 rounds, racking up a whopping 31.9% opponents percentage. Suarez’s control was erratic, but he lifted a fast ball in the ’90s and was Melvin’s most confident arm by the end of the season. It ended on a bad note, with Suarez handing the green light to Homer Bryce Harper He finished his San Diego year, but got out of a number of congestion earlier in the post-season. With that kind of speed, swing, and miss, he’s lock-in to skip the last $5 million in his deal in favor of a $1 million purchase and free agency testing.

Things are more decisive on the center player’s side, but Chief of Baseball Operations AJ Preller and his crew will have to make some major decisions there as well. The first is whether to keep any of the impending Free Agents. Acee wrote that the team is open to bringing back Drury, who has hit eight homers in 46 games as a Padre. He only had .290 on a percentage basis during that time, but posted .274/.335/.520 shows with 20 homeowners for the Reds during the first few months of the season. Drury can cover any off-field position and can act as an off-field option with the team potentially losing to Profar and Myers.

For his part, Myers has indicated that he is open to a return to San Diego (link via AJ Cassavell from He certainly wouldn’t be on the $20 million option, but Myers will find a big league deal with a lower base salary this season. He typically provided the brothers with slightly above average offense, and that was the case back in 2022. Myers hit .261/.315/.398 over 286 board appearances. He didn’t make much against the right pitcher but made six creepers in 90 board appearances against South Booth and holds his run of .255/.351/.453 lines while maintaining a platoon advantage.

With Bell’s likely departure, the brothers don’t have a clear internal base option, and may open the door for Myers to come back at a lower price. They can certainly enroll in the free agent class there, although Acee notes that there is some support in the organization for play Jake Kronworth frequently at first. Cronworth is an above average defensive baseman, which makes that a strange thing, but San Diego has one of the sport’s most talented stadiums. Ha Seung Kim He proved himself as a player to fill in every day Fernando Tates Jr. In shortstop, while Mane Machado He is the best player in the hot corner.

Tates did not play in 2022 due to injuries and a drug suspension, but will return with the club in late April next year. Tates still has 20 games left in his 80-game suspension — he’s missed 48 regular season games and 12 playoff games this year — but he will return to the daily squad a few weeks later next year. Repositioning the pencil in the shortstop may require Kim’s kick to the other side of the second primary bag. This would constitute one of the sport’s best defensive stadiums, of particular value with the coming restrictions on shifting. San Diego also explored the possibility of Tatis playing in midfield while he was downsized Trent Gresham Playing time on the .184/.284/.341 line stub. That could be under consideration again, but Tatis has previously expressed a preference for sticking a little.

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