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This week in a shot from Seahawks coach Pete Carroll featured former Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson regarding previous “resistance” to wearing a wristband. Losing in a back-and-forth between Carol and Wilson (who responded by noting that they won many games without Wilson wearing a wristband) omitted one key fact.

In his last match with the Broncos, Wilson was wearing his wristband.

This was the first game of the year that Wilson chose this addon. Coincidentally (or not), Wilson chose to go with his wristband a week after he missed a match due to injury and used his replacement, Brett Rebian, one.

“We’ve been looking at everything and thinking about anything we can do to help our process, help our attack, do whatever we have to do,” coach Nathaniel Hackett told reporters earlier this week. “Whether that was why we won or lost the game, looking back at the Jacksonville game, I don’t know. We always want to take stock of everything and try to find a way to improve. If it helps us improve, we want to do that.”

Hackett was also asked if Wilson had resisted wearing his wristband.

“No,” said Hackett. “It was just one of those things that we collectively decided as a group would help us.”

That means Wilson will be wearing his wristband every week, right? This is where things get a little weird.

“It could be,” Hackett said about whether his wrist will stay in place. “I think if it helps us, why don’t we use it? Now, we’re 1-0 up with it. I mean, let’s go ahead. Again, a lot of midfielders across the league use it. It’s one of those things, if it gives you some kind of advantage or helps you.” We want to do everything we can.”

Why not “yes” or “hell yes”? The advantages are obvious. Explained by Chris Sims during a recent episode of PFT Live.

Above all, Simms said it simplifies the theatrical communication process. The coach says, “27” Instead of teasing what would be a very long playing name and then having the quarterback repeat it in the pool, “27.” Then the quarterback goes to play number 27, and this play is called. Besides capitalizing on efficiency, nothing is lost in translating from coach to midfielder.

Hackett said similar things when discussing the situation with reporters, and noted another key factor.

“There are two different things,” Hackett said. “As a stage designer, sometimes you want to get a little creative and this stuff can get a little bit verbose. You want to have it, so it’s easier, rather than having to call it and then plug it in. There’s a whole process from the time you give it to, to the time which he has to tackle, to the time he has to go there. Sometimes we talk a little bit about these things because sometimes we try to get a little crazy. So he lets you do that. I think it also helps with the crowd noise. If You had a noise from the crowd, from him he’s listening to me, he just has to hear one wrist number, and then he can go in there and connect with the guys properly. There are a lot of different things that fit in.”

Thus, everything is a plus rather than a minus of owning a wristband. So why didn’t Wilson wear a wristband from the start of the season?

“It’s as much to do as we act like a criminal,” said Justin Otten, the attack coordinator for the Broncos. “You look around the league and you’re sitting there, ‘Well, how do we get late to play?'” How do we do certain things early in the season? How can we help with this? We’re always digging in and trying to find things that help us.”

It’s still strange that they didn’t recognize the lack of a wristband before week seven, when Rypien wore one. This was supposed to be one of the first things the Broncos identified after the first week, when they struggled for play before the playing clock turned zero. At the latest, that was supposed to happen after the second week, when the Broncos added Jerry Rosberg – the coach who coaches the coach.

There’s no reason why Wilson wouldn’t have it today. Even if he simply says “Let’s Ride” over and over (Josh Alper invented it), the device’s presence prevents its absence from becoming an issue.

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