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Clemson – Clemson Football Coach Sunday Evening Dabo Sweeney He addressed members of the media to his weekly conference call, this time to take a closer look at his team’s disappointing 35-14 loss to Notre Dame after the staff’s Sunday review of the game.

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The Tigers are headed into a week of readiness before 3:30 p.m. ET next Saturday with Louisville in Death Valley.

Below is an abridged version of the Sunday evening conference call.

opening statements: “First of all, the injuries in the match…we had one at Beaux Collins. He’s definitely going out this week. We’ll get a better rating for him in the first part of the week. We still don’t have a full explanation of Xavier Thomas yet. They (the doctors) They are still consulting about the long-term plan for him and what they will do in the short term.

Dabo Swinney’s team opened as the 8th best over Louisville earlier on Sunday. (GT)

“Like I said last night, I’m really disappointed with the way we played. We needed to win a spin and stop the run. It’s that simple. They only completed nine but they were the most physical team. Playing was the veiled gamble. We lost momentum. It was a night Too bad.

“The good news is that we are a better team than you saw last night. A tough day when you know you are better than you are. We are 8-1, not 5-3. We own it, learn from it and get back to work. That’s what we have to do. We can’t. Do anything about what happened yesterday. We’ll bring the team back here tomorrow and see if we can grow from this. It’s a chance to reset. A lot of ball left and a lot of chances left, the only thing we haven’t put on the table for us is that we know we won’t We lose.

“We have a great chance this week to win the division title straight away. We want to get the best result we can get. I am excited for a new opportunity this week. We missed our target yesterday but we want to bring the commitment back to the level we are talking about.”

s: Looking at the first half, the end result they got, how important is that?

SweeneyThey only completed one pass but it was a long ride. They took it for us physically. I scored one goal and came back in the game, but we never responded from either side. We didn’t get the rush or the spark we needed. Not much From the positive in the match. We had a few players individually who played well but outside of that it wasn’t very good. We beat a better team last night.”

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s: You have to go far to look at the last time you were physically exhausted. Given its rarity, how confident are you that it’s limited to that game and not something more obvious?

Sweeney“Just based on what I saw, we played better this year. We left out Syracuse in the second half. They’re a physical team. We’ve done that on several occasions. We have to respond. I know we have good people, good players, good coaches and a lot of interested people. We own it. You must have it We have to fix it There are so many little things we have to do better It’s our job to make sure we do it The perspective is huge We’re 8-1 We’ve struggled all year.

“Our guys were really hurt last night. They’re going to come up with the mentality tomorrow to get back into it. They only have four undefeated teams left. Every goal we have is still there for us. It starts with us. I’m trying to win this week. I’m confident, though, because I know who We. That wasn’t who we were last night. I don’t want to take anything away from Notre Dame, either, because they controlled the game in every area.”

s: With both quarterbacks taking their blocks last night, do you still trust them? Is DJ still the man?

Sweeney: “I have faith in both. DJ definitely has to get back on the right track. Obviously Cade made a mistake and may have put him in a bad situation. Just a bad decision there. We want to keep bringing it up. DJ is still young we believe in. He made 14- 1 in the last 15 games as a start. It was kind of a weird game with how it went. He did some positives but a lot of games he missed. He had to do quite a lot of things cleaning up. We also have to get Cade’s chances and keep evaluating that.”

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s: On some of those throws where the DJ held the ball for too long, were there many where he didn’t see the receivers open or was there something else?

Sweeney: “I thought he could get away with the ball on all of them. Four bags and three of them he held for a very long time. He was waiting for Antonio and Antonio got caught, so he has to come down quickly. They put us on one of them from behind and he had no chance of it. I promise you. He was already here today to break things down. Nobody cares more about him. Hopefully we’ll be back on track this week.”

s: After watching the movie, what exactly did you see with your line of defense last night that fell apart?

Sweeney: “They took advantage of us a few times where we didn’t line up properly. We’ve been beaten by alignment a few times. We’ve been beaten by our gaps a few times. A combination of several things. It’s going to be a tough, long, day for the Tigers tomorrow (practically). It’s a pity To have a match like that but I hope it makes us better. I hope we respond like the champs do. And hopefully this is a good week start for us.”

s: Jeff Scott Just launched in South Florida. Do you have any comment on that?

Sweeney: “Literally 30 seconds before I got here, Ross Taylor Tell me that. I didn’t know anything about her. I will contact Jeff. I know he gave it his all there and it just didn’t seem to work. He’s a great coach, a great person and someone I love so much. I know he will grow out of it.”

s: You don’t have a cast open now but if something happens later, in theory it’ll be welcomed back, right?

Sweeney: “I don’t get into any of those things. I just want to beat Louisville in exchange for thinking about all those hypothetical things.”

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s: It seems that when the DJ was playing well, earlier this season his involvement in the running game was an integral part of that. Has he appeared less in the last few games?

Sweeney: “He was a part of it at the Syracuse game. He had some plays there. Definitely one of the things we could have done more. We definitely got off the run a little bit earlier (last night), looking back Shipley needed a few more touches. It wasn’t We only had 24 plays in the first half and Shipley had only seven moves and averaged nearly seven yards out of the game. He didn’t do a great job last night. He’s done that a lot this year, though, to help us win eight games. He has to get back on track this week.”

s: stick to crime, with some of your problems this year, Brandon Streeter He said last night he feels he has the talent, the guys to do the job. Do you look at what you’re doing schematically or is it a matter of execution?

Sweeney: “It’s a mix of a lot of things. We’re 8-1. We’re better but we’re nowhere near where we want to be. We’re not where we’d be. We evaluate everything every week all the time.

“I love our players. We’ve done a lot of good things. We’re not 4-4, we’re not 5-3 like we were at this time last year. We’re 8-1. We’re going to try to get to 9-1 this week. any aspect of our game at the moment. We are always trying to improve and improve.”

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