Allen says his “bad decisions” cost the bills in loss

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – In the bowels of MetLife Stadium, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen sat slumped in his closet and looked straight ahead.

From afar, the only sign of him was his two long legs emerging from the profound pod. His post-match press conference was over. All around him, his teammates were either talking to the media or dressed as equipment was packed away after a sudden loss to the New York Jets.

It’s normal for a quarterback to spend time sitting in his closet after games, but not like that. Still so. Quarterback Kees Keenum and Matt Barkley came over to talk to him as he continued to sit. He did spend some time with General Manager Brandon Bean, which is also abnormal.

The long stare ahead and the apparent level of frustration symbolized the midfielder’s feelings.

“It’s hard to win in this league when you play with a good team and the quarterback plays like s—,” Allen said. “I made some bad decisions tonight, it really cost our team. There is a lot to learn from, a lot to grow from. But that’s not the standard we stick to. This is not the ball we play. So, there is a lot more to learn from.”

Allen had his worst passing stat match of the season in the Bills’ 20-17 loss to the Jets that dropped the team to 6-2, 0-2 in the East Asia Zone. The favorite MVP of most of the season completed 18 of 34 passes (52.9%) for 205 yards and two interceptions. All five of his sacks came against four or fewer lunge passes, the highest levels of her career.

The midfielder was seen holding his right elbow late in the game, who appeared to have been injured in a strip sack by Bryce Huff (recovered by Buffalo) during the last offensive drive. Coach Sean McDermott said Allen is still being evaluated and that he will speak to the team’s chief athletic trainer, Nate Brisky.

“There is some mild pain,” Allen said. “But we’ll get through it.”

How did planes limit the game of passing bills? By not glare. Allen was attacked only twice, and both came in the first quarter. He has had blitzkriegs at the second lowest rate of his career (4.8%) and is now 0-4 in his career when he was less than 10% of the time. Instead, they focused on taking his guns, including Stefon Diggs, who had no second-half reception. This was the second time in the past two years that half had gone through without a reception. Diggs said the planes played more coverage in the first half and switched to higher coverage in the second half.

“[Allen] “He does a lot of plays there,” Diggs said. So, he rallies behind him at a time like this — I mean, transformations are going to happen. You hate them, but it happens. …didn’t play like s—at all. He had a couple of bad plays. What is a couple of bad plays until 30 or 40 good plays? He made some good throws. We just have to keep building on it. Stay positive. I am big on affirmations and positive energy. Quarterback is the best quarterback player. He’s going to come out front, shake that.”

He had more success as a runner, finishing as the lead for the game on the ground with nine moves for 86 yards and two stars, including a 36-yard touchdown.

“I mean, obviously, there are some plays he wants to get back,” Dawson-Knox said with a court final. “But I mean, he had some quick touchdowns, he made some amazing plays with his legs, and he had some amazing passes that ended up coming back, but we got his back through thick and thin. There’s no one in the league we would want more than that guy.”

Allen’s first two costly interceptions came in the first quarter with a pass assigned to Knox. Allen said he did not see the safety of Jordan Whitehead, who picked up the pass, behind the defensive end John Franklin Myers and that’s why he “roamed” it in the direction of Knox. The second came in the third quarter and was for wide receiver Gabby Davis, but there seemed to be a misunderstanding and was overtaken by Gardner’s thief. Allen described it as a “brain fart”.

“We were in the Cover 2 concept, right next to me,” Gardner said of the play. “The receiver came off of me, and they were running back there in front of me.” “It was a comeback or a receiver, I don’t know. I just felt like I felt Josh Allen and the throws he loves to do.”

He’s now thrown two interceptions in back-to-back games for the first time this year, but it was more than turnover that wiped out the bills. The offense struggled in the second half to capitalize on one successful lead and maintain possession, finishing in the net with 63 yards, the team’s lowest in a half since Week 17, 2019, against the Jets (a game Barkley played most) and lowest. In the second half since Week 4, 2018 (the only game that Allen’s team led without goals).

“They certainly did their best, but we just didn’t get along,” said midfielder Mitch Morse. “And that is in the scorecard. So, we have to go back without panicking, but we have to look at this constructively, accept criticism, be professional about it, see where we can improve, and then move on.”

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