Interview with The Vampire Review: AMC’s Bloody, Campy Anne Rice Adaptation Goes Big to the Top

I will say one thing about AMC’s new experience Interview with the vampire: It’s not hidden. But then again, no one is looking for a shy edit by Anne Rice, right? Rice’s bestselling gothic vampire novels unabashedly burst with sex, blood, and passion, and this Vampire Series – premieres Sunday, October 2 at 10 / 9c; You watched the first three episodes – definitely hand this stuff in spades. It’s a really cool and unsettling melodrama with a sumptuous visual style, but the melodrama turns into absurd at times. Some will fall in love with this adaptation, I think… and others will love to watch it.

Interview with AMC Molloy Eric BogosianFifty years after their first meeting, he plays the ageless vampire Louis Game of thronesJacob Anderson tracks down a struggling journalist Daniel Molloy for helping him tell his life story. (This is the rare TV show where the framing device is almost as intriguing as the main story, thanks to references to current events and the bad brain shift of Eric Bogosian as Molloy.) Lewis’ story, steeped in sex and violence, takes us back to brothels and illegal gambling halls. in New Orleans in 1910 – and his status as a black man in the South is an important factor here, too. He meets Lestat (Sam Reed), a French wizard with a hazel voice who takes Louis under his wing and guides him through the ways of being a vampire, from proper feeding and sleeping rituals to the mystical art of mind-reading.

VampireWeaves the premiere of Empire Corridor And the nick With a supernatural touch. The visual effects are top notch, too, with cool touches like the vampire’s skin melting little by little in the sun and Lestat freezing time for talking remotely with Lewis. Writer Rollin JonesPerry MasonAnd the Friday night lightsand Emmy Award-winning director Alan TaylorGame of thronesAnd the soprano) bring high-profile television credibility, and make some bold storytelling choices. The novel’s homosexual subtext becomes explicit here, with Lewis and Lestat deeply intrigued. As they share a three-way sensory experience with a prostitute, Lestat sinks his teeth into Lewis’ neck – and the primal force of his bite makes them both float in the air.

Interview with Vampire AMC Lestat Sam ReidThe initial suspense of being a vampire eventually fades away, although it gives way to more mundane concerns, and so does this one too. Interview with the vampire. After this dazzling premiere, Lewis’ story becomes less exciting as it settles in, weighed down by his family’s boring issues. Anderson has a serious fire and danger like Lewis, which makes him a strong and sympathetic leader. But I’m a bit torn on Reed like Lestat: he has a hypnotic quality and sometimes otherworldly charm…other times silly. (Note: Baby vampire Claudia, played by Kirsten Dunst in the 1994 film, doesn’t appear in the first three episodes, but the casting of an older teen in the role—Billy Bass plays her here—should temper some of the shock factors.. )

As fun as you can see Vampire Off the rails, he gets lost in his binge times at times, with excessive scream matches set to a stunning score approaching camp. (This is a show where the question “Did you eat the baby?” is seriously asked. And not just once!) HannibalBloodletting in the wilderness, but it’s not as accurate as that bloody masterpiece was. still this Vampire He was able to find moments of lyrical beauty amidst all this excess. Lewis Molloy advises at one point to “let the tale tempt you”, and for a while, this tale really tempted me…but some spells can keep us tranced for a long time.

TVLINE Bottom Line: AMC’s beautiful new look Interview with the vampire She is definitely bold and charismatic, but she often turns into camp.

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