Coco Austin With Daughter Chanel ‘All Day’ – So We Get Totally Why She Doesn’t Want More Babies

Coco Austin was finished with the kids. She’s mom to beautiful Chanel Nicole Marrow, 6, with husband Ice T, and she’s perfectly happy about that. Every mom has their own, but as someone with three kids, I wonder how she’s so sure (don’t she miss out on all that sweet brotherly love?). But its cause is actually very closely related.

While she was dressed in sexy vampire costumes at Heidi Klum 21Street The actor and model said the annual Halloween party us weeklyAnd the “Nah. We are one and done. One and done,” about the possibility of having more children. Ice-T added that Coco originally did not want children, but decided to have only one. “Coco didn’t really want to have children,” he said, “and then when she was 35, she got MRSA”. It’s like, ‘I have to do this. “And so, we gave birth to the child.”

Ice-T, who is also the father of Letesha Marrow, 46, with Adrienne Marrow, and Tracy Marrow Jr. , 30, with Darlene Ortiz, on the real reason Coco decided to have no more children. “She likes to stay by Coco,” he said. us weekly About Chanel. “She hooked up with Coco all day. We don’t have any nannies or anything, so Coco was with her 24/7.”

My God , Currently I know why Coco is over – I would be if I was with my kids all day! Parents need a break, whether it’s school, sports, play or even a nanny for a few hours. Poor Coco, it’s hard work being your child’s best friend, so I totally feel for her.

Chanel also wants to be just like her mother. “She wants to wear heels—she thinks it’s cool, whatever I do. Now she’s obsessed with blonde hair,” Coco told the director. “I’m going back to blonde next week. I’ve been pink for nine months. I will go back to the blonde. She’s like, “Oh, thank God!” She’s like, “When can I change my hair color to blonde?” And I said: Your hair color is beautiful. I don’t know why you don’t like your hair color. “

How cute is that?

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Another reason Coco might not want more kids is the online backlash she gets for doing literally anything. In May, Coco shared a photo of herself with Ice-T shopping, with Chanel riding a stroller. People were strangely angry with their mother, asking her to let Chanel “grow up” among other things rude and judgmental. She has also been attacked for long breastfeeding Chanel when she was five, and for allowing Chanel to have fake nails.

In September 2021, Ice-T handled some backlash on the view. “Rule number one on the Internet: Don’t pay attention to anything anyone says on the Internet,” he said. “You worry about people who mean to you and say things in your real life. These are the people you should care about…..every parents are different. I say every house has its own constitution. We are fine. Our child is fine.”

There’s nothing wrong with being one and done, so more power to Coco to figure out what she wants and follow through with it! In addition, this gives her more time to spoil Chanel.

These celebrities were quick to stop pregnancy speculation.

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