Let the right person in the TV series get their first trailer

After a long time in development, Showtime has become Let the right to one The TV series will begin in a few more weeks, and now, the network has released the first full-length trailer for the show. The trailer, which you can check out for yourself below, gives fans their best look yet in the latest adaptation of John Agvidi Lindqvist’s novel with the Showtime series that follows the story of Mark and his daughter Eleanor, whose life changed a decade ago when she was. Turned into a vampire. The series will premiere on Sunday, October 9 at 10 PM ET.

How does Showtime work? Let the right to one Is it different from previous modifications?

There have been two previous adaptations of Lindqvist’s novel, a 2008 Swedish film and a 2010 English reprint by Matt Reeves. According to series showrunner Andrew Hinderaker, those films centered more on the relationship between children while the series would be more about a vampire and her father.

“The [original] The film is about the relationship between an isolated boy who is being bullied and a lonely girl, who we learn is a vampire. Entertainment Weekly about the series. “What I found very compelling in this movie is that there is a much smaller relationship between a vampire and [her] adult person. I really used the movie as inspiration for a story that really focuses on a 12-year-old girl who has been a vampire for 10 years. She has been cared for by her father, who keeps her alive, who keeps her ahead of the law, who keeps hope alive for both that one day they will find a cure, and that won’t always be her life.”

Who are the stars Let the right to one?

Academy Award nominee Demián Bichir leads the cast in the film playing Mark, a far cry from Madison Taylor Baez’s Eleanor turned creature of the night. They were joined by winner Tony Anika Noni Rose (Dream Girls, Power), Grace Gummer (Mr. Robot), Kevin Carroll (Snowfall), Ian Foreman (Mary Wish Mass), Jacob Buster (Colony) and Nick Stahl (Fear of Walking Dead).

What is the Let the right to one Around?

Showtime’s official description of let the right Here’s what it reads: “Inspired by the original Swedish novel and cinema, the series focuses on Mark (Basher) and his daughter Eleanor (Bays), whose lives were changed 10 years ago when she turned into a vampire. At the age of twelve, perhaps forever, Eleanor lives the life of Closed, only able to go out at night, while her father does his best to provide her with the human blood she needs to survive.With these emotionally charged and terrifying ingredients the starting point, Let the right to oneIt will overturn the expectations of the species, transforming the natural lens into human weakness, strength, and tenderness.”

Showtime subscribers will get the chance to catch the series early, but with the first episode available live and on-demand to all SHOWTIME subscribers on Friday, October 7, before it goes live on Sunday, October 9 at 10 PM ET. / pt.

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