Mike Flanagan Reveals No ‘Brilliant’ Breakwell Due to ‘Doctor Sleep of Box Office’ Performance

No one saw the lackluster performance of the director Mike Flanagan‘s Dr. Sleep Coming, not even Warner Bros. The studio had even planned for the director to immediately direct a follow-up to Dr. Sleepsequel to Stanley KubrickClassic horror movie the shining. The planned follow-up was an introductory prequel centered on the telepathic character Dick Halloran, played by Scatman Crowthers in the shining and by Karl Lumbley in Dr. Sleep. Flanagan said in a series of tweets on Sunday that the WB has decided not to go ahead with the movie Halloran due to Dr. SleepPoor performance at the box office.

Based on a novel by King StephenAnd the Dr. Sleep Follows adult Danny Torrance (played by Ewan McGregor) as he deals with past traumas and learns how to navigate life with his “shining” power. The film was released in theaters in 2019, grossing $72 million against a reported budget of between $45 million and $55 million. The film’s poor financial performance was all the more surprising as it arrived on the back of strong reviews, and renewed interest in King’s work following the huge success of WB. He. She Quotations.

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Reaction to a fan-made poster of Halloran’s unmade movie, Flanagan chirp, “We were so close. I will always regret that this didn’t happen.” When asked by a fan why the project was canceled, the director replied, “Because of DOCTOR SLEEP’s performance at the box office, Warner Bros. chose not to pursue the project. They control the rights, so that was the case.”

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This isn’t the first time Flanagan has talked about Halloran. In a 2020 appearance on the ReelBlend podcast, the director appeared to be cautiously optimistic about the project, suggesting as long as Dr. Sleep Attracting audiences on streaming and other non-theatrical platforms, there is still hope. But he admitted that talks about Halloran’s movie “understandably calmed down” after the release of Dr. Sleep. Giving more details about the pre-scheme, he said:

“We’ve really worked on it a lot. This was supposed to be the thing I went straight to from Doctor Sleep. … It was her own. [story]. I don’t want to spoil anything. At the same time, I’m like, “Well, maybe if this doesn’t happen, it’ll be fun to talk about.” I would be happy to return. I am honored to be back. Halloran has always been about Dick as a younger man learning about glosses. Doctor Sleep provides a perfect introduction to it with the story of his grandmother and grandfather. Who tells a little about him in this [movie]. But the idea was to open up with him as Karl Lombley, and then find a way to go back in time and tell this other story that would inevitably take us back to a familiar hotel. But I do not know. I don’t know what to do with it. I love him though. And it was something we were very excited about. So I hope there’s a new life for her somewhere.”

Despite the poor box office performance Dr. SleepFlanagan remains one of the most respected horror directors worldwide, having amassed a wide range of critically acclaimed works. He previously directed another adaptation of The King – Gerald game – For Netflix, back to work with the streaming device on a few series like King-Next Chase Hill Houseand follow up Haunting Bly Manorand recently Midnight Mass. Next month, Netflix will debut midnight clubwhich was co-created by Flanagan, and a few months later, it will be released Usher house fallalso created by Flanagan.

Check out Flanagan’s post and watch our interview with the director below.

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