Game Summary: 5 points from the Packers’ OT victory over the Cowboys

3. A new defensive top appeared as well.

Defensively, the Packers moved starting from safety Darnell Savage to corner his nickel defense and put Rudy Ford into place safely.

All Ford did was intercept two passes, both of which preceded Green Bay’s touchdown in the first half.

His first pick came after just three shots after Rodgers fumbled on a sack, giving the Cowboys a first and a goal at the 10-yard line, looking to add 7-0. In third, Ford cut in front of a tight end Dalton Schultz at the goal line to pick and return 34 yards.

“Anytime points are away from an opponent, that’s a big time,” LaFleur said.

Then on the next Dallas possession, another Prescott pass over the middle found Ford’s arms, and another 34-yard return prepared the Packers for a 14-7 lead on a 12-yard TD run by Aaron Jones.

“He plays really fast,” LaFleur said of Ford, a request for a concession from Jacksonville at the time of the end of the schedule that has played his way from a special team player to a regular defensive role. “You can feel its speed there, and it’s my body, too.”

4. A change was made to the specials, and the defense rose to the occasion late.

With the score tied at 14 in the third quarter, Amary Rodgers returning from the penalty spot for the fifth time this season (losing one second), turnover shifted all the momentum the Cowboys fashion.

Dallas scored in four plays over a 13-yard run by Tony Pollard (22 catches, 115 yards), and then scored again in seven shots on a 35-yard touchdown by receiver CeeDee Lamb (11 catching, 150 yards, two TD) To go up from 28 to 14.

Kick-off returner Keisean Nixon became the Packers’ kick-back return for the rest of the game.

Green Bay’s defense also changed for the better, stopping Dallas on his property in the fourth quarter as well as the opening overtime lead.

Two undercuts by Prescott (27 of 46, 265 yards, three TDs, two of INT, rating 78.6) in third, third, fourth, and 3-of-Green Bay 35, as Dallas turned down a long field goal, returned the ball to the Packers to lead them to the win.


Green Bay late in the regulations failed to get a chance to win, a campaign that upset Rodgers and LaFleur, but they cashed in with another shot.

Needing just a field goal to win, the Hazmons faced the third and one-place finish from their 44th team. At that point, offense had the ball ran for more than 200 yards—Jones had 138 yards flowing in 24 carries, with AJ Dillon adding 65 yards in 13 attempts. – allowing Allen Lazard’s gaming action tendency to work beautifully.

The Lazard defender fell on the line of scrimmage, splitting midfield after the short reception to gain 36 yards to reach goal range.

“We kind of put that on for a while throughout the game and it wasn’t there, it wasn’t there, it wasn’t there,” Rodgers said. “Allen and I had a conversation on the sidelines and felt like if we went back to that play, she’d have had a chance to be there and he’s very skilled in that way.”

Jones ran again for 5 yards, plus a face mask penalty, put the ball inside the 10. Rodgers took a knee—leaving the team dash for a total at 207 yards—to put the ball in midfield, and Mason Crosby was good from 28 yards nearly seven minutes into overtime.

The Packers kept their season alive by making it to 4-6 but have a similar critical mission again in just four days, on Thursday Night Football against Tennessee (6-3) at Lambeau.

“In our world, it’s Wednesday, so we have to flip the script fast, because we have a good football team coming here,” LaFleur said.

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