Peacock claims Casey Anthony “has no control” in a bizarre trailer for an upcoming documentary series

Peacock just released a bizarre trailer for a documentary series that no one apparently requested — but we’ll get to that part in a minute.

next programme, Casey Anthony: Where is the truth?, explores the controversial case against Casey Anthony, who was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter, Kylie Anthony, in 2008. During the highly publicized trial, the young mother is found not guilty of the crime, but guilty of several crimes. Stories about providing false information (faking a lie that the child was kidnapped by the nanny). In response, many resented the results and continued to harass Anthony and her family members.

The logical line for the new three-part documentary series says, “The Casey Anthony case is one of the first ‘experiments of the century’ that captivated conversations in living rooms across America, an issue that continues to leave more questions than answers.”

Peacock continues, “There have been many films and documentaries made to fill in the blanks, however, and the woman remains at the center of all this larger puzzle” and it’s all the more exciting that the series will give Anthony the opportunity to “tell her side of the story” and address common misconceptions.

To accompany the bizarre docuseries, the operator has released an equally bizarre trailer that will leave viewers wondering if their speakers are broken. The one-minute clip is completely silent and contains only two brief lines of dialogue depicting the person behind the camera calling out the shot before Anthony asks, “Why are you talking to me now when you’re not getting creative control?” The joke ends before Anthony answers.

In addition to the dialogue, Anthony is shown solemnly staring at the camera (with full hair and makeup) and there is a text on the screen that reads, “In 2011, Casey Anthony was charged with the murder of her daughter / Found not guilty” and “Casey Anthony speaks.”

After the clip was released, “Casey Anthony” began appearing on Twitter, but not for a good reason. single user Wrote“Unless you’re going to hit her with different things, I really don’t care to see Casey Anthony on camera.”

“Casey Anthony’s dead ass got away with killing her child and still ends up with a TV deal for a boy lmfao telling you white women in this country start their football game until 21-0,” Wrote else.

Third expressed“Real crime is good. If Casey Anthony is in front of the camera talking from prison, cool, good, whatever. Putting criminals on TV to lie about how they got away with crime is bad. That’s not a hard concept to understand.”

Others compare the series to the true crime magic that surrounded Jeffrey Dahmer’s Netflix drama, which was recently renewed for two more seasons. “True Crime Girls need to finish it up because it’s in no way,” hung Twitter user and another WroteCasey Yale gave Anthony the strength to come out of hiding, she saw how much she ate Dahmer’s chain and wanted a piece for herself.

Casey Anthony: Where is the truth? It will be broadcast on November 29, 2022 on Peacock.

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