It looked too bad: The Panthers beat the Caps, 5-2

The Washington Capitals continued their trek through the contested territory of Florida with Tuesday’s game against the Panthers. The Caps were knocked out in the first forty minutes and lost another agonizing match.

The Caps set off an outbreak, allowing Sasha Barkov to light up Darcy Comber. Sam Reinhart hit the puck from the air to make it 2-0. Late in a brutal second period, Dylan Strom went to the short side through a screen to make it 2-1. Despite a lot of pressure from Washington in game three, wayward quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​sailed a goal to make it 3-1. On a late penalty, John Karlsson caught a pass and doubled the score within one point, but Verhaig won the lead and Netscher added an empty net.

Caps lose. They have been 3-5-2 in their last ten games.

Here, uh, here it is again the opposite of Pelamus.

  • The Capitals are now scoreless in their last 21 power plays. They scored their last power play goal on April 12, 1955.
  • This was a distinctly ill-timed game, as the Capitals could not come close to competing with Florida’s all-district jurisdiction until the third period. I don’t think the Caps had any encounters that worked, and that their best early chances (Strom’s goal and Mantha’s first-minute chance) came from luck. Meanwhile, here’s what Washington looked like in their neighborhood:
  • The Caps played a much better role in the third period, and it’s the product I’m considering for improved focus and (for a while) Florida relaxed checking. Then Cousins’ goal slowed that momentum but couldn’t stop it. The caps did a ton of attack on the net in this frame. (Where was that in the first two periods?)
  • Lars Eller He was punished for an illegal check in the head. I have two problems with this: a) All examinations performed on the head must be illegal, and B) This was not a head check. Eller hit Carter Verhaghe directly into the chest.
  • In the pre-season, I expected gambling ads to still circulate but not make it to in-game broadcasts. I was wrong.
  • In short, I think this stinks. I am not ethical. I gamble away, but I think it’s a disease that makes the big media seek to turn every member of the audience into a player. The industrial scale on which we extract wealth from the working class – well, that’s not good.
  • Peter Laviolette, who returned from COVID but wears a mask to confuse everyone about his exact status, won’t settle for lines. I saw Ovechkin with Kuznetsov and Milano to start, but then Ovechkin was out with Sheary and Milano, and then he was out with Kuznetsov and Protas third. I think it’s safe to say he’s desperate to get a five-on-five production out of his top line.

I once again remind myself that hats only go in the water. Their roster is still seriously injured, so I shouldn’t get discouraged when they play terribly in back-to-back matches against good teams. But, boy, was that another miserable game. As a purely entertainment product, the Washington Capitals have been sad this season. This isn’t good news for a lot of reasons—especially if, like me, you’re in the business of writing about capital.

St. Louis on Thursday.

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