Brian Dabol and Kenny Golday must use each other before the Titans’ inevitable split

Keeping Kenny Goladay stuck on the bench isn’t going to help anyone. Golladay, of course, will not help. It won’t help the Giants and the passing attack who needs to show a lot to keep winning games by the tightest of margins. And she won’t help Brian Dabol in his first season as head coach.

This has to be a user relationship more than anything else. Earth’s most powerful telescope cannot see Golladay on the roster in 2023. There’s no legitimate way to imagine him off the roster in 2022, given the implications of the salary cap inherent in giving up and the fact that he’s guaranteed $13 million whether he plays or sits.

It definitely looks as if Daboll and Golladay’s lifespan is this season. Why not make it useful for both of them before they go their separate ways?

Guldai was only on the field two times in Sunday’s victory over the Panthers. Three days later, he stood at his closet – there are places to hide, if he so desired – and admitted that he was horrified by the lack of playing time. He didn’t hear his voice as much as he sounded confused.

A day later, Daboll was ready for it. He started his game with two clean goals and instilled energy and hope in a team and fan base. Two weeks later, Daboll and general manager Joe Schoen hit 1.000. There will be ups and downs – perhaps the first whiff will come on Monday night against the Cowboys – and the good ship Daboll will take some water. It happens to every coach and every team at the start of a reclamation project.

“I’ve been in the NFL for a long time,” Daboll, 47, said Thursday. “I don’t know I’ve ever been part of a team where someone is not happy with something. I have great respect for Kenny. I’m glad he’s not happy because he didn’t play, it shows competitiveness. He was professional and we’ll see how it goes this week.

Brian Double
Brian Dabol responded to Kenny Goladay’s comments on Thursday.
Noah K. Murray New York Post

Golladay, when asked about his relationship with Daboll, said, “I am not here to be friends with the coaches. They are just co-workers to me.”

In his early months with Giants, Daboll worked overtime to connect with players. He thinks it’s his strong suit. If Goladay’s “coworker” line had gotten to him, he wouldn’t have let him.

“No,” Dabel said. “I have confidence in Kenny. I have a good relationship with him. I’m sure a 28-year-old player isn’t always the easiest thing.

The Giants were unbeaten despite Daniel Jones not hitting 200 yards in two games, with Richie James leading the team with 10 receptions, 110 yards and with a fast attacking fifth in the league and attacking averaging only 20 points per game. .

The Giants are 2-0 with no reception from Golladay and two receptions within yards of Kadarius Toney. The most important thing is not to track down Tony – he has a chance to come back next season, he’s a pick in the first round of 2021 and presumably a legitimate threat with the ball in his hands.

Goladay is a different deal. He will never honor his contract (four years, $72 million) nor lead the NFL again in touchdown receptions (as he did in 2019) but he could revive his career for his next team. If he couldn’t prove in training that he did more than hard-working David Sales, he wouldn’t have a motive or the wear and tear on Golladay’s body took a heavy toll and he was physically shot.

Kenny Goladay
Kenny Goladay played only two shots in the second week.
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From a first time coach’s perspective, merit at Daboll is the way to build a program. Evaluate based solely on what you see in the field, regardless of salary, pedigree, or draft status. By those metrics, based on what happened this summer, Sells deserves to play ahead of Golday. But burying Guldai is not the answer.

“Coach Dabol told us, ‘It’s going to be a competition and whoever competes best and does the best in training, he’s going to play in the game,'” Julian Love said of safety.

That’s what the coaches say. Only some of them stick to it.

Love said, “When something like that is said, you can see it as a rant, I think.” “He stands by his word, and I respect that. It is fair.”

Goladay does not see this as fair. Daboll said that anyone who plays this makes him even bigger than he really is. In 2-0, Daboll deals from a position of strength. Golladay numbers to enter the stadium Monday night, and if the MetLife Stadium doesn’t produce, the MetLife Stadium fans will give it to him. Fans tend to side with an undefeated coach over a highly paid, unproductive, and unhappy player.

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