Johnny Depp resumes ‘mistake’ of $2 million trial win for Amber Heard; The stars of ‘Pirates’ and ‘Aquaman’ are back in court for further battle in the defamation case

Johnny Depp wants his slander cake, and he wants to eat it too.

“This court must overturn the judgment of Mrs. Heard’s counterclaim in connection with Waldman’s April 27 statement, but must affirm the judgment in Mr. Depp’s favour,” the previous filing announced today.Pirates of the Caribbean Star in Virginia Court of Appeals (read it here).

Despite nearly sweeping the table earlier this summer in the defamation trial against his co-star Rum Diary and his ex-wife, Depp is determined not to pay the $2 million that a Virginia jury oddly awarded him in a counterclaim.

The Aquaman The star claimed that Depp was “indirectly responsible” for the triple statements of condemnation and defamation made by his close friend and former lawyer Adam Waldman to the British tabloid. daily mail Heard’s description of Heard’s allegations of violence and abuse at the hands of Depp, who was often allegedly drunk, was nonsense. Specifically, I found an article dated April 27, 2020 where Waldman described Heard’s account of an alleged domestic violence incident between a high-profile couple on May 21, 2016 as a “hoax” for the jury.

Walking away from Fairfax County Court on June 1 with fan cheers in his ears, a $10.4 million prize in his token pocket, and now an accelerating comeback path, Depp and his bicoastal Brown Rudnick LLP team took the first official step in what was a long-awaited appeal process on both sides.

“The judgment in Ms. Heard’s favour on this single statement is wrong,” the 44-page appeal says succinctly. “Even if the Court concludes that Mr. Depp can be held liable for Mr. Waldman’s allegedly painful behavior, the trial court erred nonetheless in rejecting Mr. Depp’s proposal for summary judgment and the strike notice because Ms. Heard did not provide evidence to establish one of the elements required for defamation,” she adds. Document.” Specifically, Ms Heard failed to provide evidence that Mr. Waldman acted with real malice when he made the April 27 statement.

Additionally, the appeal from the legal staff led by Ben Chiu and Camille Vasquez confirms: “Ms. Heard did not present any evidence at trial that Mr. Depp was personally involved in directing or making Waldman’s statements. Instead, she chose to file a liability suit on behalf of Mrs. Depp. Mr. Depp, claiming to be responsible for Mr. Waldman’s alleged defamatory statements simply because Mr. Waldman was his attorney.

It all started nearly four years ago, Depp sued his ex-wife Heard in March 2019 for $50 million over late 2018. Washington Post Editorial under Heard’s byline. In the article, the ACLU ambassador spoke of him becoming a “public figure representing domestic violence.” While Heard never mentioned the Oscar nominee by name once in the piece in the tabloid owned by Jeff Bezos, Depp insisted that the editorial “ruined” his already fading career. Under what is now described as the orders of publicists and lawyers at the time, Depp was silent during his divorce with tied Heard in 2016. However, Depp, in his files and his appearance repeatedly during the media-saturated trial earlier this year, declared that in fact he was the one Who has been abused in the couple’s relationship.

After Heard failed to dismiss the case or move it to another jurisdiction, Depp opposing for $100 million in the summer of 2020. This counter-suit came months before Depp’s libel case filed in the UK against Rupert Murdoch’s property. the sun A tabloid calling him a ‘wife beater’ has proven to be a big fire in November 2020.

Currently stuck in a side show lawsuit between her insurance companies over paying for her defense and more, Heard has proven herself “stateless” also unsuccessful in his initial attempts to overturn or overturn the Virginia ruling. In what has become a bitter and malevolent battle that has taken place on all levels and platforms, both sides brought their commissions of wrongs to court last month. The next procedural step in the Old Dominion’s appeals process, Depp’s Oct. 11 three-point agenda, largely outlined what was presented with greater precision today.

Heard’s 16-point mapping of errors sowed the seeds for an ambitious appeal on her part that left almost no effort unchanged.

In the context of Depp’s plea today, Item 15 in Heard’s October 11 filing may prove to be telling a lot about where the actress’s official appeal will put her thumb on the scale. The Ballard Spahr LLP document submitted noted: “The Court of First Instance erred in rejecting the request to set aside the jury verdict and in ruling that the jury rulings in favor of Mr. Depp in his claims against Mrs. Heard and in favor of Mrs. Heard. Regarding her claims against Mr. Depp were not inherently contradictory and irreconcilable. “.

The speed of American justice for what it is and the epidemic accumulation that continues to block the courts for what it is now. Expect to at least see Depp on screen long before you see the actor or Heard on stage testify. Filming Sun King Louis XV in French director Maïwenn .’s upcoming fashion drama Jane Du BarryRecently, Jeff Beck Seidman Depp will appear in Rihanna Savage X Fenty Vol. 4 Fashion show on Prime Video starting November 9. On the other hand, Heard will not return under the sea and will appear on the big screen again in the delay Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Until the image of the Warner Bros hero finally appears on Christmas Day 2023.

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