49 True Facts About Lydia Tarr

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1. Lydia Tarr’s real name is Linda Tarr.

2. She was born in Staten Island, New York.

3. Tarr played competitive field hockey in her youth.

4. Leonard Bernstein had her mentor as a budding musician.

5. Tarr was the first female conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic.

6. Tár has won EGOT Awards for the following projects: Emmy Award for guest appearances on The horrific story of American witches; Multiple Grammy Classical Music. Academy Award for producing a short documentary film on woodwind sculptors; A Tony to write the score for the adaptation of Ivo van Hoof Rashomon.

7. an interview The magazine had to issue a correction after its “Lydia Tár on Lin-Manuel Miranda” interview when Page Six revealed that Tarr had lied about seeing it. Hamilton.

8. Mehboob Store Blonde.

9. A library called the mother! Popcorn movie. She later clarified that this was a compliment.

10. Tar hasn’t heard of it maAnd the But if she saw it, she would love it.

11. She once said in an opening speech at the Curtis Institute of Music, “Inspiration can come from anywhere. Once I saw a man drowning in the Hudson River.” Never expanded on this topic.

12. Kate McKinnon portrayed Tarr once upon a time in a short time SNL A sketch that has been called “My Personal David Pumpkins” by more than one Brooklyn-based comedian.

13. It was rumored that Ter bribed the Hollywood Foreign Press Association when Mozart in the woods He won the Gold Award for two consecutive years. Tarr replied that she did not watch TV. (Since then she has been interested in the series Chef’s table And the the castle.)

14. Gawker was sued by Tár.

15. In 2022, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra tried to expand its reach through advocacy Great British Bread Fan favorite Jürgen Krause is a guest performer on the trombone. Tár did not accept this idea, and it was promptly scrapped.

16. If you search for “Ghislaine Maxwell Lydia Tar” on Getty Images, you will get 47 results.

17. Tár used to guest host Leonard Lopate on WNYC before Me Too’d out of his time.

18. Tár was banned from Balthazar London.

19. Tár briefly took to Twitter in 2019 when people got angry at her for saying she likes Once upon a time in Hollywood During Picture of a woman on fire.

20. Tar slept with Kristen Stewart.

21. Controversial, Tarr said the Palme d’Or should have just gone to a director blue is the warmest color, Because she believes that “actors are the director’s tools.”

22. Tarr performed with James Franco at MoMA PS1 in 2013, and produced that piece for art magazine hypersensitivity It is referred to as “only the second after Franco’s work with Marina Abramovich,” a statement that led Tarr to lock down Abramovich’s car later that year in retaliation.

23. Tarr signed Roman Polanski’s letter.

24. Despite her fondness for custom tailoring, she likes Hanes’ socks even better, especially on concert nights, saying they allow for “the right bounce.”

25. Tár never bought Harry Potter She wrote to her daughter, but called J.K. Rowling the “hustle” “a lot.” (She avoids books because she hates “made-up words”).

26. Ter is a friend of Thomas Chatterton Williams.

27. Tár went on tape saying she didn’t think ADHD in adults was real.

28. Tarr led the orchestra at President Obama’s second inauguration.

29. Tar chaired the Met Gala in 2017, as part of the Rei Kawakubo / Comme des Garçons exhibition. At the event, Tár fell down the steps of the Met, prompting the regular circulation of memes claiming that Tár had fallen down various popularity ladders.

30. Tarr is a friend of director Robin Ostlund and has received “Thank You” in the credits Square.

31. Tarr donated to Michael Bloomberg’s presidential campaign.

32. She confessed to Watch what’s happening live During a game called “What in Tarnation?” that she saw Real Housewives But only Carol Radziwill seasons. She later came under pressure from her peers to make a shot, which led to her attempting to manipulate Shostakovich who was greeted with outright confusion by the club’s fans. This was the last time she ever made a “joke.”

33. Ter was one of the signatories to Harper“A Letter on Justice and Open Discussion,” though no one has been able to get her to say much about it in the records, as she continually asserts that she hasn’t read Harper’s Bazaar.

34. The employees at Joe Coffee on Columbus and 68 hate Tar.

35. Never seen Tar NanetteAnd the But she read New Yorker Profile and I don’t agree, because “I don’t listen to anyone who has studied art history in Australia.”

36. Tár actually pays $8 a month for a blue check for unknown reasons.

37. Whenever she ever gets a tip, she’s 18 percent of the tip.

38. Tar consult on death strand Score and has since maintained a friendship with Hideo Kojima.

39. Playwright Jeremy O. Harris once tweeted that he was stalking his girlfriend Lydia Tarr for coffee in Berlin, before later deleting the tweet.

40. Tar walked for Celine at Paris Fashion Week 2015.

41. Taylor Swift brought Tar on stage at the German leg of her 1989 tour. “She’s a very nice girl,” she says of Swift, but she couldn’t name any of her songs when pressed. The two first met when Tarr borrowed Swift’s private jet.

42. Tar and Gustavo Dudamel are notorious enemies.

43. Ter appeared in A Sesame Street A clip about “Number Eight” aired only once but is still available on YouTube. The clip went viral a few times because of her hidden anger every time the Count laughed.

44. Once upon a time, a queen was planning to impersonate Tár for a Snatch Game and RuPaul was like, “Don’t do that.”

45. Tarr is part of the production team behind Leonard Bernstein Biography orchestra performer, Starring Bradley Cooper (who also starred in The Life of Jackson Maine A star is born).

46. ​​Her favorite vegetable is watercress.

47. She is Jasmine’s friend from industryfather.

48. Tár in a bloody feud with goalkeeper Berghain Sven Marquardt.

49. When contacted for comment on this piece, Tarr replied, via her personal email, “I don’t know what an eagle is.”

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