How to become a beer pong champion, according to the pros

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It was the Aztecs spiritual ballgames, games with physical manifestations of dedication and a struggle for collective victory that remain central to our conceptions of sport. In the 3,000 years since then, we’ve simplified these basic concepts inside FIFA 23 And beer pong. But I’m not complaining. I think it’s time to change our definition of serious gaming.

Although we celebrate multi-billion-dollar professional sports and stadiums, and reward hardcore gaming with multi-billion dollar trophies and Comic Con, simpler pleasures like beer pong go unrecognized at “The Game That Isn’t Tacitly Agreed” truly game.” But our laid-back weekend party deserves recognition, too—a cool Allagash Whites down provides the perfect condition for playing, anyway. In pursuit of that, I spoke to two beer pong champions, Pro Beer Sports CEO Eric Kutche Based in the United Kingdom Twitch streamer Peaks Donaldon how to master beer pong, a household ritual that most people have done in a happy, messy haze at least once.

What is beer pong?

We should lay out the basic rules of the game before we get into the details, although there are a lot of differences in which country are you And how creatively your friends want to get drunk. That’s the whole point:

  • There are two teams out of two
  • Each team places 10 four-quart filled glasses, ideally red individually, in a pyramid shape at opposite ends of the table.
  • You take turns with your opponent, and you get 2 turns to drop the ping pong ball into the cup and eliminate it. Your opponent must shout out the cups that have been eliminated.
  • If your team hits both shots, the ping pong balls are “down” and you get two additional chances to sink the ball into the enemy cup
  • When all of a team’s cups are finished, the game is over

But your path to great pong is just beginning, little hopper.

1. Choose your cup and focus on it

Kutche’s love affair with beer pong began like any other fairy tale – in college. “I was always one of the best players wherever I played,” he said. “I trained all the time because my group of friends played a lot, and I wanted to win.”

Eventually, Kutche and his friends sought a larger arena. “My friends and I always wished we could participate in competitive beer pong tournaments,” he said, “but there just wasn’t much.” They created Pro Beer Sports, which currently runs Beerlympics tournaments and weekly beer pong in an effort to turn a possibly underrated game into something more serious, like esports did to video games.

“I call our version of drinking games ‘bSports’ because we play games at the highest level,” he said. “We’re going to bring beer pong to ESPN.”

Get into that fighter mindset with Kutche’s first tip. “Always shoot at a specific cup,” he said. “If you want to be a real beer pong master, practice hitting the last cup. If you can get to the last cup within three shots, you will win most beer pong games.”

2. Watch your arm

There are three common beer throws: a graceful arc, a zingy fastball, or a careless solo bounce off the table. Kutche is a part of style and grace.

“The best shots are the ones that arch in the air,” he said. “If you can trace the trajectory of the ball after it’s been shot, it should look more like a rainbow than a straight line.”

To help you achieve that nice angle, “When shooting, keep your arm parallel to the table so that your arm makes a 90-degree angle with your body,” Koch said.

Like Kutche, Bex Donald found beer pong at university. Playing well “came quite naturally,” she said, “I competed in pitching in high school, so I think the skills have been carried over a little bit, and as a player, I think my aiming has helped me in real life.”

Eventually, she ran a beer pong table in a nightclub working part-time and won drinks worth “a few hundred pounds ‘over the years'”.

For her, pong throwing is a solo pursuit. “Find your balance in your stance and stance that works for you and that will help land your winning shots,” she said.

3. Get your stance right

“The most important rule of beer pong is to have fun!” Kochi said. Playing any game for the first time can be intimidating, especially in the group drinking gear that upcoming movies may forever classify as just cool kids.

But you shouldn’t “take the game too seriously,” Kochi said. “Everyone wins at beer pong. I’ve seen a lot of people become friends, or even couples, after meeting at the beer table.”

Donald echoed the statement. She said, “Don’t be peer pressured by opponents or your team, take your time and focus.” “Even the pros miss some shots, but practice makes perfect.”

Donald also introduced me to an important metric, something she calls PPIP: Peak Point of Sugar.

“This is the amount of drink it takes to gain enough confidence but not enough to lose focus when participating in bar games,” she said. “Mine is two and a half to three pints.”

4. Consider water instead of beer

“A lot of people think of frat parties and binge drinking when they think of beer pong, but Pro Beer Sports changes that perspective by treating beer pong and other drinking games as a sport,” said Kochi. “We play with water in glasses because I lived the beer-in-glasses era, and when I look back, it’s sickening.”

I play with water too. But if you’re willing to grab the total, you should take it all the way. Donald suggests that players learn to drink beer well so that “you don’t get distracted from the current game”.

“Some groups of beer pong will have a lukewarm, flat, gross beer. Unfortunately, this is dangerous for the sport,” she said. “A little tip I have is to stick my pinky out while I drink and stare at it, like looking at the horizon to avoid travel sickness. It helps.”

After soaking up all these tips, I, someone who’s okay with beer pong, decided to give it a try… by running the iMessage, Game Pigeon version of The game is called Pong cup. It’s far from a perfect replacement, I know, but it was my best and cleanest option at 12:00 on a Monday afternoon. Sober, unless you count the leftover vodka rigatoni sauce I keep picking at.

iMessage screenshot.

I won!
screenshot: my city

Red mugs, rainbows, and peer pressure in my head. I was nervous at first, teaching myself to be an athletic woman with deeply inconsistent iPhone fingers.

Choose a cup. I reminded myself to shoot a crossbow. Incredibly, I won the game for the first time, so I can confirm that these tips work for both real and virtual cups. Next time I play Mark Zuckerberg in a 6D Farmville simulator.

But when you find yourself at a beer pong table IRL, remember these tips and try to enjoy it as a moment of easy nirvana. The low-stakes games we’ve made consistently throughout history — like beer pong, like Waffle I Message — aren’t really about winning, it’s just about loving the game.

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