10 years ago, Final Fantasy XIV destroyed his world to build a new one

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ten Years ago, under a catastrophic rain of burning energy, Final Fantasy XIV Die. This is equally true in the sense that the land of Eorzea was filled with the great great light of one of the Final FantasyThe most powerful dragon, Bahamut Dragon, and developer Square Enix have shut down their troubled MMORPG servers for good.

The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the Final Fantasy XIV An unmitigated disaster, it almost made a hole in the studio behind him in the process. BEven with players gathering in cities and fields to look up at the sky waiting for Bahamut’s account, plans were underway to completely remake the MMORPG, and relaunch it. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn—AGI’m with the complete opposite story of the original fourteenth. she was Wow it’s still going strong to this day, and most likely foreseeable future.

But what makes fourteenth The closure of version 1.0 is unforgettable – far from the success story it has become world reborn—Because this was more than just the end of a game and the beginning of another, a sad and quiet pause before a boastful restart. Final Fantasy XIVThe game’s heirs had time to plan the end of the original and pave the way for their new version, in doing so creating an epic definitive story for players to watch, one that continued to resonate throughout the decade. world rebornThe long story is over. Resolution is not just a shutter Final Fantasy XIV But to rebuild it into a completely new game, made the year before the 1.0 release that will eventually, and in time, its new product –Yoshida Naoki “Yoshi-P”who is still running and working on the current version of the game Final Fantasy XVI– Decided to retool the original story of 1.0 to tell the story of the apocalypse events.

Image of the article titled 10 years ago today Final Fantasy XIV destroyed its world to build a new one

screenshot: Square Enix

thing about him Final Fantasy is that the end of the world happens all the time. Almost every entry in the history of the game franchise has addressed some kind of threat that potentially threatens the world, and its heroes have triumphed, because that’s what Final Fantasy Heroes do when they’re not summoning the gods or working on the drastic hair care routines required to look like Kain Highwind or Squall Leonheart. Meteor threat in Final Fantasy VIIthe rise of the Kifka deity in VI After I spawned the world, I entered the battle against sin XRepeatedly Final Fantasy It is the story of countless warriors and wizards who come together to confront the end of their destiny and their denial. the end of fourteenthIts original form was an opportunity to tell that story as its heroes, and the remaining players, did that and Lost.

The end of 1.0 was announced with Little Red Moon – Dalamud artificial building, called by Final Fantasy XIVThe primary villains, the Garlean Empire, attempt to destroy the land of Eorzea before they overrun their forces and seize the Ashes for themselves. As the players and leaders of Eorzea rallied together to fight against the Garleans, what had started as a little red dot in the sky became bigger and clearer, patch by patch, Final Fantasy XIV It went to an end. Even when the story climaxed with the defeat of the Garlean captain, Neil van Darnos, at the hands of players, they knew it was the PA general victory: Dalamud shall still fall, and the world under him shall perish. In the final days and hours of the game, players take part in events to respond to the invading Garlean forces, thrown into disarray by the death of their leader, feeling dread in the air – and The events continued. Dalmod kept getting closer. Until, in the last minutes, Dalamud’s fiery appearance burned into the sky with echoes of eerie, ethereal music, and Final Fantasy XIV Died with one last movie scene:

FINAL FANTASY XIV: The Final 11 Minutes *End of Eorzea*

“End of Eorzea” is sixDelicate epic like almost nothing Final Fantasy XIV She watched Eorzea’s forces, heroes and grunts alike, clash with the Garleans. The true purpose of Dalamud is revealed – not a moon, but an ancient prison housing the great primordial dragon Bahamut. The armies of Eorzea fall into the arms of the Garlean, our heroes – the same heroes who preached fourteenthArrival in Original movie trailer He was hit again. At the last minute, do a prayer by your closest allies in fourteentha group known as the Circle of Knowledge, attempts to magically rein in Bahamut, but fails dramatically, and is rewarded by unleashing the monster’s most powerful attack from the series, Megaflare – only this time not being used as a fantasy player, but a worldwide blaze horror. protect it.

but sure, Final Fantasy XIV It does not end forever. In the final moments, the leader of the Circle of Knowledge, Louiswick Levellor, leads the heroes away to survive the devastation brought on by Bahamut, so they can re-emerge in a new world in order to world reborn. But the legacy of version 1.0 as it happened didn’t just survive in the meta-gender premise that players persisted even after the world itself was decimated to Earth. The choice to rebuild Eorzea from the apocalypse is woven into a story of rebirth, and its consequences not only reverberate across world rebornbut every expansion of the game revived in the last nine years, as Final Fantasy XIV Unleash the Whirlwind Recovery Arc to make it one of the Crown Jewels of the Square Enix Library. The song being played to bid farewell to version 1.0, “Answers” – composed by Final Fantasy The legend Nobuo Uematsu – until it became a vital part of those latest expansions, Endwalkerframing a The horrific story is similar Where the heroes of Eorzea once again faced a great doom, only this time they were defeated, saving not only the world, but the entire world. A justice for the world they failed to protect all those years ago.

Image of the article titled 10 years ago today Final Fantasy XIV destroyed its world to build a new one

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One of the most compelling, endearing and perhaps daunting aspects of Final Fantasy XIV It is an ongoing story, one that deals with high stakes, adventure and adventure as the story cycles dwindle and fade, a story steeped in a kind of history almost unprecedented in the gaming world beyond. Its players took their characters on a journey that lasted nearly a decade, and some of them – players from the original game fourteenth Who brought their characters – for longer. He made the death and revival of the game an essential part of that core story, and made it resonate along the way fourteenthThe latest horrific event, is an important part of what makes his success story miraculous in the first place. Not many games get a second chance Final Fantasy XIV It happened, both in the real world and in the land of Eorzea itself, but taking that story of failure and weaving it into one of redemption is a great part of what makes it such a compelling game in the first place.

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