Kirk Cousins’ noise train derailed in stunning fashion in the Vikings disaster

New coach, Future has emerged as the most talented player in the league, but it’s still the same Kirk Cousins.

After a week of optimism after breaking up the Packers in their opening game, the Vikings returned to reality Monday night in a 24-7 loss to the Eagles. The Cousins ​​threw three interceptions—all deep in Philadelphia territory—and the Eagles dropped several more interceptions in the dominant victory.

“I think coming late maybe we had to throw a little more times than we would have liked, we didn’t keep the balance as we’d like and maybe it’s more than just the nature of the match going on,” Cousins ​​told reporters afterwards that we definitely want to be as balanced as possible.

The Vikings landed almost immediately after Galen Hurts rushed to his first landing of the night on his first Eagles drive. Dalphin Cook was limited to six buggies for 17 yards at night.

Kirk Cousins ​​was stripped of the ball during the Vikings loss to the Eagles.
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“I thought Kirk fought tonight,” said first-year coach Kevin O’Connell. “Put him on some tough spots, and I think our overall attacking philosophy, when we don’t get to activate those things, it puts a lot of pressure on the midfielder, and that’s where I put this back on me 100%.”

The hope in Minnesota was that O’Connell could take the Cousins ​​to the next level after years of working under Rams coach Sean McVeigh.

However, the 34-year-old cousins ​​constantly tried to force the ball into star Justin Jefferson (12 goals), despite coverage by Eagles full back Darius Sly (2 interceptions). The loss dropped Cousins’ average to 2-10 all-time in “Monday Night Football”.

Darius Sly blocks a pass dedicated to Justin Jefferson.
Darius Sly blocks a pass dedicated to Justin Jefferson.
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“We just wanted to get into that game and control, especially after last week’s performance,” Jefferson said. “But we definitely had a lot of chances to score the ball and achieve something, and he carried the momentum on our side. We didn’t execute on the offensive side.”

Cousins ​​threw his first interception from the 19-yard line from the Eagles and another from Philly’s 27. Jefferson took the blame for the first intercept.

“I should be flatter if Slay is going to sit on that kind of track. I should be flatter and be in front of him rather than behind him,” Jefferson said.

The Cousins’ third pick came over a lob that Slay snagged again and took the win.

“He’s a competitor for sure. I knew I was going to get that from him,” Jefferson said. “I mean, he’s a great linebacker. He is a great player. Great guy too. We could certainly have had more chances to score and put points, but we didn’t.”

Kirk Cousins ​​throws a pass under pressure
Kirk Cousins ​​throws a pass under pressure
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Cousins ​​finished the game 27 of 46 for 221 yards and one touchdown.

“I think their defense is commendable,” Cousins ​​said. “They did a good job with the dash and the coverage, and the combination made it tough for us.”

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