Kanye West criticizes ‘Jewish Zionists’ in ‘Drink Champs’

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After a controversial and disturbing two weeks, Kanye West is back Drinking heroes For the third round with hosts NORE and DJ EFN. Although the 45-minute interview has not been posted on YouTube, it can be viewed on Revolt TV.

After a brief introduction, West immediately went to a sermon on “the Jewish people”, arguing that he is not an anti-Semite because he is also Jewish as “the blood of Christ”. However, he has since spoken out about how the Jewish people control all aspects of media and entertainment, even blaming “Jewish Zionists” in recent news stories about how his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson (whom Kanye called “addicted”) heroin”) having sex in front of the fireplace.

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“The Jews had the black voice,” West said. “Either by wearing a Ralph Lauren shirt, or we’ve all signed a record company, or have a Jewish manager, or signed with a Jewish basketball team, or we’re doing a movie on a Jewish platform like Disney. I respect what the Jewish people did and how they brought their people together.”

West also complained that Dov Charney – the (Jewish) L.A. clothing founder who printed the controversial Kanye T-shirts – refused to release the shirts after West tweeted “Death con 3 on Jewish People”. Charney encouraged West to visit the Holocaust Museum, which West asked to visit Planned Parenthood, “our museum of the Holocaust.”

West claimed he had four concerts planned for his Los Angeles So-Fi stadium, but reservations were canceled by the stadium owners after the Death Con 3 tweet. “They’ve been having sex with me for a long time,” West said. “They put the crazy combo in there.”

“The paparazzi take a picture of you, you’re not going to get any money from that. You’re used to being duped by the Jewish media,” West added.

Then he wondered if NORE would even run the Drink Champs episode, as with West the shop He was banned from broadcasting because of what he said on that show. “They stopped me from going out. I lit up,” West said. JPMorgan, I put $140 million in JPMorgan, and they treated me like shit. So, if JP Morgan Chase treats me this way, how do they all treat me? “

After calling out the Kardashian family, Puff Daddy, and Meek Mill, West likened himself to Michael – Jackson, Jordan, Corleone, saying “every Michael you can think of,” West, as the richest black man in American history, said, “I want you all to step up to me, I want you.” All of you guys to kill me, I want you to slap me, I want you to do all this bullshit rap…or else shut up, unless you were there when the Kardashians kidnapped my kids.”

Later in the conversation, West clarified his “Death Con 3” tweet — and acknowledged that it’s supposed to be Defcon, “I misspelled it, and I have a tendency to do so” — by saying that “Defcon is actually you’re preparing to protect yourself.” “Once four So-Fi stadiums are canceled because of what is classed as wrong thinking…because it’s so important to get the black people vote in groupthink, not break with the thought and align completely with the left, the Jewish media, and the Chinese.” West added of China, “They have something to do with everything.”

At the end of the interview – which Drink Champs addressed with “To Be Continued…” – West said his provocation to the media might be connected to running for the presidential election in 2024. “The only possible way I will win is, early on, calling up the Jewish media, Because it will play nice with you.”

In his previous appearance, he talked about his long rivalry with Drake, comparing it to competition in the sport. This time he did not hint at the presence of competition and the payment of honors. “Drake is the greatest rapper ever, and I make no apologies for that,” he said, though they joked about West going to Drake in the past.

While the episode is being promoted as “Drinking heroes 3” With West, the rapper has only technically appeared on the show once before, which was presented as a two-part interview.

In the first segment that aired in November, he tackled the 2009 VMAs controversy with Taylor Swift, his split from Kim Kardashian, Beef Drake, and more. In Part Two that aired soon after, Gangster Disciple founder Larry Hoover, who is serving a life sentence in federal prison, discusses mental health and his Yeezy brand.

his appearance on Drinking heroes It arrives at a time when West has been under intense scrutiny for his anti-Semitic posts, which ended a week earlier this month in which he participated in a confusing two-part interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News and earned a condemnation for showing “White Lives” “important” shirts. During a fashion show in Paris. By the end of the week, he was banned from posting on Twitter and Instagram.

Things didn’t get any better this week, when excerpts from Carlson’s interview leaked vice Posted on Tuesday revealed that Carlson’s production team cut several anti-Semitic comments from the broadcast version of the interview. His comments won accolades from white supremacists. Oh, and he did spend some time with Alt-right dear Candice Owens, when he backed her up on her first documentary show, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of the BLM.

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