Overwatch 2 players aren’t happy with the cosmetics and store prices of the game

Monitor 2 It’s had its share of notable stumbles in its launch week, but now that players are finally in the game, not many are happy with what they’re seeing. Players continue to resent the game’s cosmetics, particularly how expensive it is and what they get for the price.

Among the biggest changes brought about by Blizzard Note and watch 2 It adapts the game to a free-to-play model. Although this is an expected change – and one that is frequently requested – Blizzard is relatively new to the revolving store and battle arcade models it has been certified for. Note and watch 2. Some growing pains were inevitable, both for Blizzard and its fans, and players sure do their best to publicize these pains.

After the game’s weekly store reset for the first time on Tuesday, players were quickly frustrated seeing the prices Blizzard requested. Monitor 2Less creative skins. One (slightly unforgiving) crust is basically just a ‘Baptiste but it’s blue’, and costs 1,000 coins (which equates to about $10). For players who don’t want to pay, earning a maximum of 60 Overwatch Coins per week through a series of challenges means that it will take at least 17 weeks to unlock this particular cosmetic.

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

While these are the kinds of decks that the original game’s loot chests thrived on, seeing prices that translate into real dollar amounts (or a month’s grind) are now giving players a heavy blow. What’s more, the “bad” skin circulating in the store will always be a source of frustration for players, which is why some games choose to put in rarer, higher-quality skins in a weekly cycle, while basic and less expensive skins come along. It goes out daily. Meanwhile, there are other games like league of legendsAnd the Make nearly every skin purchasable all the time.

Skin quality is also an issue that Blizzard is likely to feel more acutely now that Overwatch is a free-to-play franchise. This does not mean that Monitor 2Their skins are bad, but it’s not a game that is built to show players how amazing looks they have. While other games that focus on cosmetics like leagueAnd the Dota 2or fortnite are a third person, Monitor 2The first-person gameplay is fundamentally against the whole idea of ​​showing off your glowing skin. Other players can enjoy it, and you may make them want to buy it, but what does a player who has already spent money get from it?

This is a similar problem to other FPS games like valuation or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but those games get over it by crafting the weapons that the players are the stars of the show. The negative side of valuation Players is that her Weapon skins are on the more expensive side of the F2P scale, but they are also highly detailed and are used multiple times during each match.

In-game screenshot of the Overwatch 2 store, showing the section

Photo: Blizzard Entertainment via Polygon

These weapons can also be picked up by both enemies and allies, who are still achieving the developer’s eternal goal of making cosmetics their best advertisement, without including additional content that the buyer player will not enjoy. while, Monitor 2It’s easy for rivals and their teammates to see details about their characters, but the weapons and things players can constantly see aren’t often the coolest part of the looks.

None of this says that Monitor 2Skins and store doomed to carry expensive and unsatisfactory skins. The system will likely get dozens of tweaks and tweaks quiet under the hood as Blizzard reacts to fan criticism, including creating cosmetics that focus on different parts of the skin, including those players can see a bit more.

But until Blizzard can tweak its free microtransactions, it’s no surprise to see players express their frustration with another aspect of the game. Monitor 2.

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