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Few talent in recent memory has had the reach and influence of Megan Thee Stallion on the collective cultural scene. That is why she is one of the rare celebrities and personalities who can successfully work as a host and musical guest Saturday Night Live. Not to mention she did a great album in August this year with Traomazine.

Gifted with her natural charm and charisma, she is the perfect host who turns all eyes on her SNL. Her hosting assignments already grabbed headlines when it was revealed that her Los Angeles home was burgled while she was getting ready this week, and she’s already announced that she’s taking a much-deserved break from the spotlight after her hosting assignments. Let’s get to the best (and most festive) of this week’s episode.

best night drawing

Hot Girl Hospital – SNL

SNL He is at his best when the host understands and can create content that fits his unique skills and personality. This understanding is best captured at Hot Girl Hospital, where she combined Megan Thee Stallion’s nursing degree and her famous brand. Join Megan Thee Stallion Hospital dedicated to “bad whores” Banky Johnson and Ego Nodim, a fee that can only be done with her as host. The New York Times quote, “Somehow enabling and regressing at the same time,” was the perfect summation of a tongue-in-cheek scheme.

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We’ve Got It – SNL

“We’ve Got Bring” was one of those universal SNL Sketches depicting social gathering fears. With Bowen Yang, Nwodim, and Megan Thee Stallion as additions to a trio of old friends, forced conversations and awkward silences create awkward comedy that is perfectly calibrated. Structuring the sketch as a music video was perfect for Megan Thee Stallion. The climax of the drawing was really her strong exit streak about going to the bathroom to escape these two strangers.

Most emotional moments

Megan the Stallion: Anxiety (Live) – SNL

Don’t expect many serious moments during this SNL. However, during her “Worry” performance, Megan Thee Stallion seemed to be overwhelmed with emotion. The performance was simple with a strong point of view, but her visual emotions reflected the originality she exuded which earned her a wide and dedicated fan base. It’s worth the stress to play.

worst technical trend

Workout Class – SNL

The “exercise class” hypothesis is promising. Channeling Megan Thee Stallion’s uniquely confident energy into an exercise coach as opposed to Heidi Gardner and Chloe Fineman as assistant coaches focused on maintaining a flat butt works well in theory. Strange artistic decisions and hiccups hindered painting. The awkward transitions between shots seem to highlight the strange blocking of the scene. There were three focal points throughout the scene that strangely felt ripped from each other. Meghan and Yang seemed to break up during the scene, which can always be fun SNLbut the confusing geography of the scene created a disconnect.

Player of the week

Classroom – SNL

While she’s always been great on the show, Nwodim really got a chance to shine in this episode. She was brilliant in every way and featured in most of the night’s sketches. Her delivery of “They Can” in “Girl Talk” was particularly hilarious, but it was “Classroom” that really showed off Nwodim’s unique talents. Manipulating movies like dangerous minds or freedom bookNudim comes as an alternative teacher with false assumptions and expectations. The way you try to save face as a drawing idiot is a subtle comedy.

stray sBAstay tuned

  • The cold opening really felt shaking. It would be great if they got more brutal with political comedy. They always seem a little attached to the reality of the situation.
  • It would have been great if Cecily Strong was available for hocus pocus mom part. This looks like its own wheelhouse.
  • The Dunder Mifflin sweatshirt was the highlight of Women’s Philanthropy.
  • “Deer” was one of the SNL sketches that finally captured you with its stupidity.

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