House Of The Dragon Intimate Coordinator Explains Sean Penn’s Job

House Of The Dragon's intimacy coordinator explains her job to skeptics like Sean Penn

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Having an intimate coordinator on set quickly became a logical practice in Hollywood, but the idea of ​​a medium for scenes involving sex, nudity, and similar sensitive acts is still quite new. Very new, in fact, this Some old actors reacted negatively to the idea, including Game of thronesSean Bean, from argue Intimacy coordinators “spontaneously spoil” the scene.

In a new interview with LimitMyriam Lucia Intimate relationship coordinator on me Dragon HouseTry to clear up some misconceptions about the Bean function. She praised him as a performer, but noted, “I think he’s a guy of a certain age, and he’s worked in this industry for a very long time, and has no experience in the other side. Or maybe he had a bad experience working with an intimate coordinator. All I have to say is That in my experience so far, I don’t think it hampers the creative process.”

She went on, “I think it helps enable the creative process, because I think once you define what the actors feel comfortable about in terms of connection and approval, and what moves it’s going to be, you add emotion to it. And then you find freedom, because you don’t scramble and fumble and try to find On her there and then at this moment.”

Lucia, an actress and coach, meditates, I think spontaneity is what we do as actors. We have to pretend we haven’t done that before. We have to suggest that everything is spontaneous. You have a script, so don’t come up with those words spontaneously. You have to work on it so that it seems spontaneous. That’s where it makes no sense to me, what he said.”

Lucia, however, was gracious in pointing out that she understood “why he said it,” especially since having an intimate coordinator “is a new job in groups.” Elsewhere in the interview, she delves more into her process, explaining, “[Often] I’ve already done my work behind the scenes, speaking with the director, producer, cast, and even lawyers if needed, regarding waivers and things that need to happen. And if there is a problem or change, or something happens physically uncomfortableor mentally uncomfortable, we change it up, but at this point the work is pretty much done and hopefully smooth.”

The Full Conversation is a fascinating insight into the evolving role of a professional who has worked in a wide range of products, including industryAnd the NeversAnd the white lotusSeason Two, and Emerald Fennell’s Upcoming Feature Saltburn. If you, like Sean Bean, are a little unclear about why an intimacy coordinator is useful, check out the interview for yourself over here.

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