Joe Gorja Calls Jennifer Aiden ‘Crazy’ Over ‘Lies’ About BravoCon Drama

Joe Gorga clears up alleged “lies” about Jennifer Aiden’s now-famous drink-throwing incident after BravoCon 2022.

“Everything I’ve heard is a lie,” the 43-year-old real estate developer said on the Check in Office podcast on Friday.

“Everything I heard Jennifer’s assistant say, it was all lies.”

In October, social media assistant Erica Madeleine said in a video shared on TikTok that Gorga called her boss a “dirty bitch.”

However, Gorga maintains that Aydin, 45, was the instigator of the quarrel.

The father-of-three continued: “The story there is that she drank me a drink, and I was telling her these vulgar things—no.”

“First of all, I was 50 feet away with my wife…Jennifer loves digging very much and she is involved in my family’s business.”

Gorga claimed that Aydin’s behavior after Pravocon was “crazy”.

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Joe Gorga Calls Jennifer Aiden

Gorga claimed that Aydin’s behavior after Pravocon was “crazy”.

Chicks in the office / YouTube

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Gorga then admitted that his wife Melissa Gorga “said something” to her co-star in “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” that may have upset her.

However, he said he expected women to get into an oral argument – as “housewives” do – but noted that Aydin “is not.”

“If you watch her on the TV show through the years, she drinks a lot, she’s violent, she throws something, she breaks glasses, she wants to stab you with it, she throws knives,” Joe added.

“I mean, this is her, she’s crazy. Her image in real life. This is liberation!”

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Gorga claimed that Aydin was “out of control”.
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The construction company owner had what amounted to yelling at Aydin at one point, but said it was because the reality star was “out of her mind”.

He also explained that the drink was “never thrown at him” but rather his assistant.

“She was so out of control that it was embarrassing,” Joe claimed as well. “Screaming at the top of her lungs like crazy.”

In late October, Melissa, 43, revealed her own version of events, saying in Aydin’s On Display podcast that she had “a peek at [her] The Housewife made her way to the elevators.

Then the Envy store owner said she told her partner, “Keep moving, wishing. Come on loser, just keep walking. There’s the elevator.”

Melissa at the time agreed with Aidan’s assistant that Joe uttered the words “dirty bitch,” but claimed that her husband only said those words to “other people” and not to the Bravo star.

Apart from her assistant’s statements, Aydin did not address the dispute in depth.

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