Kanye West claims that the ‘Secret Jewish Media Mafia’ went out to get him in an interview with Chris Cuomo

Kanye West sparred on live TV with Chris Cuomo while the host tore up his “ugly”, “obviously false” and “inherently anti-Semitic” claim that the all-dominant “Jewish secret media mafia” is seeking to eliminate him.

The rapper-turned-fashionist sat in the back of the car for a rowdy interview Monday on Cuomo’s NewsNation that was earlier challenged saying he’s “going to die con 3 on the Jewish people.”

Cuomo has repeatedly challenged the star, now known as Ye, as he doubles down as he tries to justify his insults.

Ye insisted that “every famous person has a Jewish people in their contract – this is not hate speech, this is the truth”, while repeatedly claiming that as a black man, he cannot be accused of anti-Semitism.

“And these people, if you say anything off the agenda, your career could be over,” Yi claimed.

Kanye West quarrels on Live TV with Chris Cuomo as he claims he is completely controlled by a “secret Jewish media mafia”.
News Nation
Interviewed by Chris Cuomo.
Kumo told Yi that his “ugly” thoughts “are not things you can say coming from a place of intelligence, love, or anything fruitful.”
News Nation

“When I put on the White Lives Matter T-shirt, the Jewish media mafia really started attacking me.

“They canceled my four shows at SoFi Stadium [in Los Angeles]they had the press … immediately disrespect me [and] Keep the crazy narration going,” Ye claimed while constantly complaining about Kumo’s responses.

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“They never called me a billionaire,” he said. “Hello, billionaire, visionary, inventor – these have never been used.”

He singled out the New York Times for referring only to him as a “thug rapper”, although research notes that Ms. Gray only used the term once in a review in 2006, before he became famous for his other endeavors rather than in direct reference to him.

Yee and Candice Owens in white shirts.
Ye said that “the Jewish underground media mafia really started attacking him” when “he wore a White Lives Matter T-shirt.”
Twitter / Candice Owens

At one point, he compared his anger at Jewish business partners to men-hating women having had a “bad guy” in their lives.

He said, making a big leap because “more than 50% of Hollywood’s CEOs and CEOs are Jewish.”

Cuomo repeatedly responded, telling Yi that his “ugly” thoughts “are not things you can say that come from a place of intelligence, love, or anything fruitful.”

So, look, there is no Jewish media gang [or] Mafia. This is a figment of your imagination or a projection of bias, well,” the fired CNN host stressed.

You may have had bad business dealings with people – it’s about those people. It is not about their religion or creed. And I know you’re smart and understand that when you target people because of their faith, others may do the same.”

“They’ve been targeted before, abused and killed for what they believe in and who they are.”

“So we don’t want to put up with that, and you’re playing in it now whether you know it or not,” Cuomo added.

Ye also reminded that there is a clear and crucial difference between “saying they are a mafia and behaving like ‘Jews’ in some way rather than just being businessmen.

“One is playing on prejudice, the other is just playing for people and an ugly job, which is what the recording industry stands for,” Cuomo stressed.

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Yi insisted he “not hold back” – and at one point he childhoodly chanted “la la la la la” to prevent Cuomo from arguing against him.

He also insisted that it was “coming from a beloved place” – as well as “a place” that the Jewish media will not have anymore.”

As for the accusation that he is an anti-Semite, Ye claimed again that “Blacks are also Jews – I classify them as Jewish too, so I can’t actually be anti-Semitic. So the term is actually – it’s not factual.”

At the end of their ceremonial exchange, Cuomo suggested that Yi seem “out of control”, wondering if he’s taking care of himself.

Enraged, Cuomo asked if he had exercised that morning, to which the host replied, “No. But I took my medication—the antidepressants I take every day.”

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