The electric Porsche Macan 2024 will offer a great selection and (finally!) Frank’s car

A prototype Porsche Macan Electric 2024 photographed inside a demonstration hall.  The car is painted black with vinyl trims to hide its design

picture: Tim Stevens

It took four years for Porsche to take off Mission concept E To the production version of Taycan electric sports car. Now, three years after that car was released, Porsche is giving us a sneak peek Next EV. It will be an SUV this time, McCann ElectricWith less than two years left in full production. We got a sneak peek.

(Full disclosure: Porsche wanted me to know the platform that strongly supports the new Macan Electric, comradeShe flew me to Italy, put me on a Doubletree, and made me sit for 12 hours of product briefings, mostly in German.)

Two prototypes of the Porsche Macan electric motor in one coil through a toll booth at a test track in Germany.  Both cars were painted black and wore vinyl wrap to hide their design.

picture: Porsche

McCann Electric (Yes, that is officially) on a new platform that Porsche is launching on PPE: the Premium Platform Electric. This setting, although very similar to Taycan’s J1 platformIt introduces a number of minor and significant improvements. According to Porsche, these modifications will mean more power, better handling and greater range. and yes, Just like with the TaycanThis new EV The platform will be shared with Porsche big company Cousin Audi.

It all starts with a new battery pack, around 100 kWh Deserves, It is divided into 12 units. Porsche hasn’t confirmed the exact package size yet, but it will be slightly larger than the Taycan’s largest package, 93.4 kWh. Porsche says this size was chosen because it’s the right balance of range versus performance. Interestingly enough, this package lacks The so-called “foot garage” that allows the Taycan’s body to sit very low on the skateboard battery platform.

Computer rendering of the electric vehicle platform that will power the future of the Porsche Macan Electric.  Visible is the battery that makes up the floor of the car, as well as four wheels and a steering column.

The personal protective equipment (PPE) electrical platform on which the new Macan Electric is based.
Clarification: Porsche

The PPE package will be boosted with the same 800-volt architecture found on the Taycan, allowing charging from 5 percent of the battery to 80 percent in just 25 minutes. When the electrons flow in the other direction, it will set up a twin engine with 600 hp somewhere north and 740 lb-ft. of torque. Under normal conditions, Most of that power will be delivered through the rear wheels, so the Macan will roll on a rolling frame, wider in the rear, with wheels up to 22 inches in diameter.

However, thanks to the duo From the engines, torque will be infinitely variable from front to rear, meaning the new Macan will put the power where it can best be used.. At the rear, the Macan will be able to channel torque side-to-side, at least in the high-end performance edges of the Macan Electric. A clutch-type rear differential will do the job there, while the front axle will get a simpler open differential, Using the braking to contain the rotation of the wheels.

Working photo of an electric prototype Porsche Macan 2024. We see the rear of the car as it slid automatically across a dirt road, picking up dust.  The car is painted black and wears a vinyl wrap to hide its design.

picture: Porsche

All that, plus the rear steering, means the new Macan Electric should feel nimble and nimble, even considering what’s supposed to be fairly heavyweight. The two-valve air suspension will allow dynamic ride height adjustment Plus a wider range of damping settings, while the rear subframe mounted across the bushings is said to improve handling dynamics and reduce noise, vibration and harshness.

Interestingly, Porsche installed the rear electric motor “particularly far” on this rear subframe, resulting in a slight rear weight bias of 48:52 percent. The rear-engined 911 electric platform has been confirmed? Don’t get your hopes up, but it’s an interesting engineering choice.

And what about the all-important scope question? Porsche hasn’t quoted any number yet, but I’m told it will be “much more” than taycan, which outperforms just under 250 miles on the EPA test cycle. Again, there are no specific numbers, but when I asked if it could match a range Mercedes-Benz EQSAfter a bit of contemplation, I received an answer in Proof. That could mean something north of 300 miles in the EPA test Course.

Beyond that, Macan Electric will address another, more minor brawl with the Taycan: Unlike the sedanThe new SUV, Its frunk will be usable. However, it won’t provide extra regenerative braking or anything close to one-pedal driving. Porsche continues to insist that this is part of its “philosophy” to design electric cars, which is still a terrible excuse to give up on a simple advantage that a large percentage of electric car buyers really Wants.

A prototype of the Porsche Macan 2024 electric car photographed inside a convention center.  We see the car from the left rear quarter view.  It is painted black with a vinyl wrap to hide some design details.

picture: Tim Stevens

journalists A camouflaged prototype of McCann Electric, nicknamed “Ludmila”, was given a sneak peek at an event in Italy last week. With all the details of masking tape, and fake exhaust tips glued to the rear fender, it’s hard to tell exactly what the final product will look like. However, the narrow headlights hiding under the replica ones certainly seem to fit the mold set by the Taycan, while the scalloped front end looks quite similar to that of the current Macan.

The PPE platform It will support the new Macan Electric as well as a number of other upcoming vehicles, although Porsche representatives were apprehensive about providing any details on that front. The platform supports multiple wheelbases, so larger or smaller products are possible. WHeather this temple can be applied to Something low and sporty, like the ultimate Taycan successor, remains to be seen.

at least we You don’t have to wait long to see what the Macan Electric would look like without all that camouflage. Porsche Crossover Promises It will see its first deliveries to customers by early 2024, with it revealed sometime in 2023. In other words: around the corner.

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