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As you see Firefox, you can make it a better browser By installing add-ons. Yes, that’s what Mozilla calls it – they talk about what other people know as “Accessories. “ No matter what you call it, there are good things that can help you do it allrom improves your privacy to get around restrictions You will encounter it online.

note: tHow is there hundreds good extras, Beware of installing too many at one time. Going overboard can actually lead to compromise Your privacy and slow at the bottom of your browser. Although we recommend useful add-ons here, always check the permissions these add-ons request before installing them. Some of these add-ons request access to all websites you visit. Although this permission is necessary for them to work, it is also a sign that if the developers are scammers, your private data may be exposed. When you install these types of features, you always encounter a Trade-off between privacy and convenience, so Think about how useful any add-on would be for you before installing it.

The origin of uBlock

to Reduce online tracking, look no further than uBlock Origin. It has a solid set of default settings that block all kinds of online trackers and annoyances. You can also look at uBlock Origin advanced settings to make it more powerful.

cconfigure it properly, uBlock Origin can stop the disturbance Cookie noticesblock trackers, remove tracking information from URLs, and much more.

600% volume

600% volume It gives you the ability to adjust the size of individual tabs. As the name suggests, it can increase the volume of any tab up to 600%, and it allows you to maintain a different volume level for each tab. For example, yYou can use this add-on to keep messaging app alerts at a lower size than your YouTube videos.


Speaking of YouTube, uBlock Origin takes care of blocking ads before uploading videos, but it doesn’t Do anything about inline promotions. Many YouTubers spend a great deal of time trying to get you to buy merchandise or use sponsors’ products. If this care bothers you, shepherd It can automatically skip these promotionss.

Absolute enable right click and copy

A lot of websites block basic functions like right-clicking, copying, or pasting. You can bypass these blocks using Absolute enable right click and copy. This add-on will allow you to easily paste account numbers and other annoyingly long stuff onto banking websites.

Dark Reader

A large part of the Internet prefers bright backgrounds. For those who prefer to use a dark theme on all websites, Dark Reader It’s a great choice.

Facebook container

Meta and all the sites it owns are known to be harmful to your privacy. If you must continue to use the company’s products, you should consider using Facebook container. This add-on keeps all your Facebook data inside a container and prevents Meta from tracking you online.

To do the same thing for many different websites, you can use Firefox multi-account container.

Bypass Twitter login

Now that Twitter is in meltdown mode, attempt Bypass Twitter login To browse the site without logging in. It’s a good way to watch the drama unfold without signing up or logging into your dormant account (Even if you can do it).

Local CDN

Local CDN Prevents unnecessary third-party requests to Google and other content delivery networks (CDNs). It emulates many frameworks as local resources, which speeds up browsing and reduces unnecessary pings for CDNs.

boosted steam

Steam is the most popular online storefront for PC games. If you are browsing Steam on Firefox, you must install it boosted steam To see useful information such as historical pricing data, automatic skipping of age gates, and enhanced search filters.

Everything is metric

The United States is only one of a A few countries still use imperial units. Those browsing US sites from other countries or people who have recently moved to the US.s. At first you may find these modules very confusing. If this sounds like you, then give it a try Everything is metric on Firefox. This add-on automatically converts all imperial units to metric and makes measurements easier to read for non-Americans.

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