Samsung’s durable new tablet and smartphone looks perfect for the outing or the construction site

Photo of a person using the S Pen on their new rugged Samsung tablet

Samsung’s latest rugged tablet has a removable battery and S Pen capabilities.
picture: Samsung

Samsung’s latest devices for the US market are a pair of powerful devices built for outing or functionality that will put them on in harm’s way. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro tablet and Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone feature military-grade device protection and 5G connectivity. But the most interesting feature is that Both have removable batteries, which should help extend their life in the industries they are expected to serve.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and Galaxy XCover6 Pro are MIL-STD-810H compliant, which means they are able to withstand high altitudes, extreme temperatures, and a wide range of vibrations and humidity. The tablet features Gorilla Glass 5 . displaysWhile the smartphone uses Gorilla Glass Victus Plus screens, like these Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 devices. Both are also rated IP68 for dust and water resistance.

As I mentioned, both the Galaxy Tab Active4Pro and Galaxy XCover6 Pro have interchangeable batteries, which makes them more serviceable than devices with soldered components. There is, too Battery mode is not available on the Tab Active4Pro, so you can connect and use the device without affecting the life of the battery pack. It’s also a way for Samsung to encourage more companies to use their devices as kiosks, which is a good use case for a solid device given how customers handle it.. Both devices offer a desktop-style DeX mode from Samsung.

Picture of XCover6 Pro

Samsung’s latest rugged smartphone has military grade structural protection.
picture: Samsung

Galaxy Tab Active4Pro offers a choice of 64 . or 128 GB of storage, while the XCover6 Pro is available with 128 GB. Both devices feature microSD expansion slots of up to 1 TB of added storage and it runs on the same 6nm processor with 6GB of RAM. They are the first Samsung devices to offer both 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, which is becoming more and more popular as industries shift to these new technologies. The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro also has a built-in S Pen, which helps increase the clarity of Samsung’s stylus across industries.

Samsung is nothing new in offering these kinds of giant devices. Years ago, the company showcased its flagship devices in stronger body After launching its standard devices.

still a mystery How long will these devices last in the wild? Samsung says it will provide up to four years of software updates and five years of security updates. who – which It may seem like it’s on the road, but time is quickly creeping up on you, and then you’re stuck with hardware with outdated software and components. At least the batteries can be replaced to extend the life of each device by a small amount.

The Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro tablet starts at $650 and is available today in the US through Samsung’s business website. The Galaxy XCover6 Pro smartphone will be available on October 20, with pricing to be announced soon.

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