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By Adam Lucas

1. Hubert Davis I might like that game. He spent the last month telling top-ranked Tar Heels that they’d have to compete every night with a goal on their backs…then UNC-Wilmington came out and proved it to him. Carolina won the ugly opener, 69-56.

2. The surprising thing wasn’t that the margin was that close. The surprising thing is, the margin was huge with Carolina playing so poorly. The Tar Heels had four assists, four quick break points, shot less than 50 percent of the field and 20 percent of the three-point streak, and the CAA beat him… and yet he won 13. Everyone can relax: yeah, it looked Carolina is better than this (and shot better than this) in practice. This is not a permanent referendum on heels 2022-23.

3. The new pass-happy version of Caleb Love It will take some time to get used to it. This was the case early in the second half, when black leaky He saw Love go over the edge with the ball and also cut the basket to be in the bounce position. But Loew threw him a pass he wasn’t expecting, which led to a spin. This is the kind of gameplay that won’t happen a month from now.

4. This was the back half of the sequence in which Tar Heels committed a 10-second violation by being too accidental against some light UNCW pressure. Hubert Davis Then he went straight to his seat as a new student Seth Trimblewho played 15 minutes, more than any reserve.

5. You think Hubert Davis He’s going to talk about rebounding in practice this week? The Seahawks had a 37-31 overall advantage and 16-7 a massive advantage on offensive glass (resulting in a 14-7 advantage in second chance points). Yes, there were more missed shots by the visitors and therefore more chances, but it’s not a statistic that will make the head coach happy.

6. Reminder: Although this is easy Armando Bacot Made it look last spring, my doubles are hard to come by. He’s been riding a series of eight doubles in a row and has been sitting on the 49ers of his career. But due to errors in the second half, he finished with 16 points and “only” nine rebounds, a high match for both sides.

7. Seahawk trainer Takayo Seidels comes from the Kevin Keatts training tree, so he is familiar with Carolina. UNCW did a good job of limiting UNC’s offensive transition opportunities in the first half, holding heels without a quick stopping point. That was part of a somewhat disjointed first 20 minutes, including Carolina only having the rebound advantage once on the boards, collecting only one pass from nine field goals, and firing 2-for-7 (28.6 percent) from the three-point streak. . However, despite it all, the Tar Heels led by 11 in the first half.

8. A large part of the advantage of the half-time break was the UNC’s consistent defense. In the first half, they limited visitors to 36 percent of the field, 20 percent of the three-point line, and forced eight turns. The Tar Heels have a chance of being a very good defensive team.

9. One of Carolina’s best weapons on her way to the Final Four last year was the free throw shooting. Tar heels are still adept in the field; They hit 23 of 30 on Monday night. It’s a big plus to have two goalkeepers to handle the ball like Caleb Love (4-5) and RJ Davis (4-4) Those who are fluent in calligraphy.

10. An interesting wrinkle of tar heels showing three goalkeepers in the last minute of the first half. This combination, including Love, Davis and Seth Trimble, forced them into a UNCW spin and then basically held them without a bullet at the end of the half. This may not be Carolina’s top five, but it’s a look they’ve shown at times during pre-season and it’s something they can use when circumstances dictate.

11. Carolina played without Buff JohnsonHe is still working his way back from injury.

12. An amendment has been made to the distribution of student tickets this season. Early returns after one home game: very positive. The students were in their seats, even upstairs, more than an hour before the game. The environment was noticeably better due to the noise they brought in.

13. It’s great to see Luuuuuuuuuke Maye at the Smith Center on Monday night. Mai currently plays in Spain. After two days of rest, his choice was clear: to return to Chapel Hill. As he put it, “I wanted to make sure I saw at least one of my brothers play.” Bo Mai He is in his freshman year with the Tar Heel basketball team. Drake May, as you may have heard, is having a very successful year as a quarterback for the Carolina Football League.

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