‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ Is An Empowered Survivor Story – Despite Netflix’s Cruel Rape

(Note: spoilers for the Netflix movie The luckiest girl alive to follow)

It’s hard for me to write about sexual violence. But I want to write about a Netflix movie The luckiest girl alive In any case. It is important.

As I sit down to write, my heart races and my chest feels tight. I’m fighting the urge to shut down the computer. There’s a tingling in my leg, as if my muscles know something my brain doesn’t. I imagine my sympathetic nervous system is like Whoopi Goldberg’s character ghostwarning, “You’re in danger, girl.”

But I’m not in danger. I’m just touching a sensitive topic. Even if the subject in this case is a movie about rape.

When you survive sexual violence or harassment in any form, like many of us, you are always aware of that warning voice. Fortunately, over time (especially if you’ve finished resolving the issue), you can admit it and gently ask her to quit. But you know that you are unlikely to become completely calm.

After all, that voice is there to keep you safe. You don’t know that the source of the shock may be in prison, dead, 4,000 miles away, or many years. She just knows that her job is to keep you away from what hurt or traumatized you before. So you respect him. You thank him. You are trying to release him.

And she tries to write and talk about sexual violence in a way that ultimately serves the survivors. At least I do.

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