‘SNL’: Amy Schumer’s every move checked by Stalker in parody of ‘The Watcher’

Tonight Saturday Night LiveHost Amy Schumer shared a drawing that mocks the popular puzzle series observerwhich debuted on Netflix in October.

The sketch called “The Looker” saw Schumer take on the role of a suburban mother, with James Austin Johnson as her husband, and Marcelo Hernandez and Chloe Feynman taking on the roles of her children.

Everything is normal inside the family home until my father enters with a “strange” letter and finds it sliding under the door.

“Dear new neighbors at 322 Oakridge Boulevard, allow me to introduce myself,” the message writer said in the voiceover. “I’m The Looker, and I see everything you do.”

“Is this some kind of bad joke?” Schumer asks.

The Looker continues: “I see you’re settling down well.” “Your daughter loves to write in her diary about the boy mowing the lawn, and your son has been hard at work practicing his guitar.”

“Father? This scares me,” admits Hernandez.

“As for your wife,” says The Looker, “after everyone is asleep, you go into the kitchen and eat a second, full dinner. She eats it like a greedy and panicked raccoon, afraid of being caught.”

While Schumer’s character assures her family members that this isn’t the case, it turns out The Looker has more to say, with Johnson’s character telling that he hopes to enjoy a morning run around the neighborhood. “I know your wife does,” says The Looker. “After you leave, get a snack, turn on the TV and cheer yourself up to the Property Brothers.”

“Well, that doesn’t ring the bell,” Schumer says.

“But he knows something about my running, Carol,” Johnson says.

“And my notes and David’s guitar!” Feynman says.

“I know!” deadpans Schumer. “That’s why it’s so weird that all my stuff is so plainly made.”

The Looker goes on to say that while the lives of Johnson and his loved ones may seem perfect, he’s pretty sure they aren’t. “It looks like your poor wife is having trouble with the bathroom,” the message reads. “I see her there, rocking back and forth, trying to achieve something. Giving herself a few spirited conversations.

The Looker continues: “She’s so frustrated, she’ll go downstairs and blow her strength with more royal brothers. Why did you raise that offer? Is he brothers or is he a king? ”

Then Hernandez points out that someone downloaded “every episode” of royal brothers to family television, with Feynman noting that only five minutes of each were watched.

“What is the frij?” Schumer says. “So this weirdo snuck into our house and messed with the TV? Well, now I’m a weirdo — officially.”

The Looker goes on to say that today he saw the kids dancing TikTok, as well as dad worried about his hairline and mom on her sports bike.

“Wait, that’s real!” Schumer claims.

But The Looker’s sentence, which her husband read aloud, was not over yet. “She’s not pedaling,” writes The Looker judgmental. “She just sits on the bike and looks at her phone. But still drenched in sweat, she goes back to the bathroom to fight the fight again.”

Veneman tells her parents that they should call the police about their stalker, as her father said that to be safe, the family should spend the night in a hotel. Schumer agrees that her family members should, but she insists on staying home to take care of the house.

The sketch then moves into the night, as Schumer spreads half-naked (albeit inconspicuous) on the sofa while watching royal brothers. She told The Looker, “If you’re watching, that’s the property I’m on, not the brothers.”

Created by Ian Brennan and Ryan Murphy, observer It is based on a true story recorded by Reeves Wideman in a 2018 article for The Cut magazine in New York. The series stars Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Mia Farrow, Jennifer Coolidge and more as the couple moves into their dream home, only to find themselves threatened by terrifying messages from a stalker who goes to The Watcher.

Schumer joined tonight’s episode of SNL By guest musician Steve Lacey. View the “Looker” drawing by clicking above.

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