A lawsuit has already been filed on Twitter as mass layoffs for Elon Musk begin

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Five former Twitter employees who were fired Thursday sued the social media company for failing to comply with California’s WARN Act, a law that requires large employers to provide 60 days of notice to employees before mass layoffs. And even the lawsuit calls for another company run by Elon Musk to do the exact same thing.

Twitter employees began receiving layoffs late Thursday, and while it’s not clear exactly how many people will eventually get the boot, roughly half of the company’s 7,500 employees are expected to lose their jobs. The layoffs are part of a plan that Musk has instigated, according to several reports, although he did not have the decency to sign in his name on a notice sent to all employees Thursday.

The unsigned email from a public email address said, according to screenshots circulated on Twitter.

“We realize that this is a very difficult experience to go through, whether you are affected or not. We are grateful for your contributions to Twitter and for your patience as we go through this process,” the email continued.

The lawsuit, which is available in its entirety online thanks to the reporter Chris Gidner, he names five Twitter employees who either received official notice that they were fired or were banned from their work accounts on Thursday, likely because they were about to be fired. The lawsuit even asks another Musk company, electric car maker Tesla, to conduct previously mass layoffs without proper notice to employees.

“That company attempted to obtain releases from laid-off employees without informing them of their rights under the Federal Warning Act or California Warning Act. A federal court later ordered the company to provide the employees with notice of the claims made on their behalf,” the lawsuit is reading.

The lawyers behind the new lawsuit are trying to have it recognized by the court as a class action, and it’s hard to see why that didn’t happen. After all, there are probably 3,700 people or so getting rosy slips right now as Musk tries to drastically reduce costs and bring in new revenue from the social media site. The Twitter office in San Francisco will be closed Friday as layoffs continue.

Musk has only been at the helm for a week and the chaos he unleashed on Twitter includes too many uncountable dramas – from losing fights with the actor. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez To flip the flop on whether users who have been permanently banned will be allowed to return to the site. Musk initially said he didn’t think anyone should be permanently banned from the platform, but then said there would be a lengthy review process before anyone was allowed to return to the site.

All eyes are on former President Donald Trump, of course, because he is the most famous person who was banned from Twitter after his coup attempt in 2021. But neo-fascists, racists, and multiple assholes are standing in line waiting to return to Twitter, including conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, and a bigot Anti-Muslim anti-Islam Laura Lomer, former KKK magician David Duke, and former Trump adviser Roger Stone.

Musk, who bought Twitter for $44 billion with the help of several investors, wants to start charging $8 a month for verification on the platform, something that could start as early as Monday. But it doesn’t look like there will actually be any kind of identity enforcement for Twitter’s new verification process, according to The New York Times. This means that anyone can start impersonating a famous person for $8, which is an especially bad idea the day before Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Musk isn’t just rolling out new features and staffing to get more money out of the company. Twitter has started something called a “deep cuts plan” that seeks to save $1 billion from switching cloud and server providers, according to a new report from Reuters. But the report itself suggests that there is real concern within Twitter that making such drastic changes to the site’s infrastructure could lead to significant downtime during busy periods – something that users who were around during Twitter’s early years became all too familiar, with a notice known as the whale failure.

Twitter has reportedly started bleeding users, with more than 875,000 people deactivating their accounts since Musk took over the website, according to MIT Technology Review. Many others have threatened to leave the site after implementing the new verification process, something that is likely to attract a large number of spoofing accounts without the right safeguards.

What’s next for Musk and Twitter? Your guess is as good as ours. It certainly seems like Musk is making it up as he goes along rather than executing a well-thought-out plan – as evidenced every time he brings up an idea on the site that becomes defensive when people criticize it. Musk has even been arguing with horror author Stephen King over a proposed new payment plan for Twitter verification.

King, who is said to be worth at least $400 million, tweeted earlier this week that he wouldn’t pay $20 to check it out, a price rumored at the time.

“We need to pay the bills somehow! Twitter can’t be completely dependent on advertisers. How about $8?” Musk replied.

And this exchange pretty much says it all. King did not object to the exact dollar amount. He was objecting to the idea of ​​paying for verification in the first place, which is ridiculous, especially if you’re not actually verifying any user’s identity. But Musk doesn’t understand that and doesn’t really get on Twitter and what makes people want to spend their time on the site.

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