Aaron Rodgers says he’ll approach change conversation with Jordan love ‘with an open mind’

Green Bay, Wis. – Aaron Rodgers knows the possibility looms, perhaps once he steps down next week and watches Jordan Love finish the 2022 season.

The four-time MVP quarterback hopes he doesn’t get that far. Rodgers said his desire is to win the last five games, which may keep the chance open to sneak up on the NFC rankings, though it’s unlikely.

Otherwise, Rodgers said, he understands that the Packers may want to see more of their 2020 first-round picks.

“Look, I’d like to finish the season,” Rodgers said, “but I understand that this is a business and there are a lot of us older players who play a decent amount, who might like to see some youngsters play. I hope we don’t have to have that conversation, but if that conversation comes up , I will approach it with an open mind without any bitterness or resentment.Obviously, as I said, I want to win, and then we don’t have to have those conversations.

“But I understand that if we don’t, that conversation is possible.”

Love played his most important shot of the season Sunday night against the Philadelphia Eagles, completing 6 of 9 passes for 113 yards, 1 touchdown and a rating of 146.8. It was his best performance as a pro, and a huge improvement from his only career start last season in Kansas City.

The Packers made it clear that the quarterback change will not happen this week. Rodgers has said repeatedly that he plays for “pride,” even if playoffs seem highly unlikely. When asked if Rodgers will be the starting quarterback this Sunday in Chicago, coach Matt Lafleur answered emphatically with one word: “Yes.”

When asked if he might benefit from a rest, given his major injuries with a broken thumb and ribs which he refused to say were broken, Rodgers indicated uncertainty about his future. Although it seems unlikely he’ll retire when his $59 million contract is guaranteed next season, the Packers could trade him.

Of resting next season, Rodgers said, “It’s an assumption, that this place won’t look any different next year. So I think that’s part of the conversation.”

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Aaron Rodgers is under pressure from Philadelphia Eagles player Javon Hargrave.

Rodgers has no doubt he will be able to play on Sunday.

While he didn’t practice on Wednesday, he said his ribs feel better than he expected in the fourth quarter in Philadelphia. He said Rodgers’ initial concern was damage to internal organs. When his rib scans came back positive, that was all the information he needed to start planning this week’s play.

Rodgers said he threw his footballs into the team’s practice facility. He did some rehab in the team pool and said his ribs felt good. Rodgers said he’ll “probably” wear extra padding on Sunday to protect his ribs, something he hasn’t done since college.

“I’m not sure I want to start right now,” Rodgers said, “but maybe I’ll hide something.”

Rodgers said he does not need to practice this week to play on Sunday. He’s played in games without a week of practice before, most recently against the Seattle Seahawks, when he was unable to be around the team all week before a game after contracting COVID-19. The Packers won that game 17-0.

Of course, this is a completely different team than last year. A team looking for young players who need to develop in the short term. Rodgers said that at the moment he is determined to do everything he can to play, starting with winning.

“I think I can definitely come out on Sunday and be fine,” said Rodgers. “I’ve done that in the past, but I’d like to test it out either tomorrow or Friday, see where I am now and go out and get a little sweat. The way I feel, the way I’ve progressed from Monday to Tuesday and Tuesday to today, makes me confident that I can Going out and practicing tomorrow and I won’t be really limited. There will be some pain for sure, but nothing I can’t handle. So I’m really encouraged by how I feel.”

This article originally appeared in the Green Bay Press-Gazette: Aaron Rodgers will step aside for Jordan Love to play 2022 season

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