Bhoot is expected to perform better than Double XL and Mili, and that’s what trade experts expect

The festive Diwali period could not bring joy to film producers, models, distributors or cinematographers this year. was rather Boring period at the box office Despite the films of two stars, Akshay Kumar (Ram Setu) and Ajay Devgn (thank God) were released simultaneously. However, movie merchandising experts have put their faith in the upcoming releases, Miele, Double XL and Bhut Phone. Given that all three issues of the week have a variety of concepts to offer, Trade anticipates that they will be able to bring people to theaters.

Mili is a survival movie starring Janhvi Kapoor in the lead role. It is a remake of the hit Malayalam movie Helen. Phone Bhoot is a horror comedy film starring Katrina Kaif, Siddhanth Chaturvedi and Ishaan Khater. Double XL, starring Sonakshi Sinha and Huma Qureshi in the lead roles, provides a commentary on plus-size women’s fight against body shaming in society.

Film producer and commercial analyst, Girish Gohar, believes this week’s releases have a chance to connect with the audience because they have something different to offer, in exchange for “similar content on OTT platforms.” He said, “The Indian box office has witnessed Diwali dull and lackluster. We have witnessed the lowest Diwali box office ever for Indian films. Strangely enough, both films (thank God and Ram Setu) were unable to attract the audience. Judging from that, when we come to the normal box office days We have three movies that are different from each other. Similar content we can find easily on OTT platforms.”

But he agrees that the road is “difficult” for all three editions, with the main factor being their ticket prices. Johar believes that people will not be keen on spending so much on tickets Milliand Phone Bhoot and Double XL. Also, since the movies aren’t up to the power of the stars, they’ll have to master the content game to survive the ticket counters until next week, when Black Panther, Uunchai, and Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s Yashoda release.

Film distributor Akshay Rathi saw that while support columns like Black Panther and Yashoda were in the pipeline, films like Mili, Phone Bhoot and Double XL were important to keep the “box office ripple”. But only if the content of these items is equal, will it withstand the competition from the big-ticket editions.

Quoting an example Kannada superhit KantaraHe said, “Al-Qantara was released with Alhamdulillah and Ram Seto, it is still standing because it has the advantages of preserving it. In the end, if these films have any merit, it will continue.”

Of the three versions, Phone Bhoot has an advantage over Mili and Double XL, simply because of Katrina Kaif’s popularity. Rathi said, “It has an edge over the other releases this week for the simple reason that Katrina Kaif is a bonafide star. There is no doubt that she has a huge fan following across the country. She is coming to the big screen after a huge hiatus, so I hope there will be Enough anticipation about the movie.” Girish Johar agreed with Rathi and tied the opening of the film to Rs 1.5 crore to Rs 2 crore on opening day.

The next next would be Mili, with possibly Rs crore in her chest, and Double XL could earn somewhere around Rs 50k. Overall, Johar expected a “decent” turnaround for audiences at the box office over the next weekend.

But if we look into the past, we find that the new Hindi films of the super southern films have struggled to attract people to theaters. The latest example is Hrithik Roshan and Saif Ali Khan Vikram Vida. Therefore, this might jeopardize Mielle’s chances. But Rathi and Johar suggest that if you don’t “blind copy” of the original, it might work.

Rathi said, “If you make a frame-to-frame copy of the original movie whose subtitled version is available on popular platforms, then yes, the possibility of reproducibility will be in a quandary. But it has to be modifications and it has to meet the needs of the target audience section. If we can do that. We can definitely make it happen.”

Johar added, “It’s not as if the remakes don’t work. All you have to do is customize them accordingly. Currently, they are under the radar and are thoroughly vetted. If they are well reproduced and a new perspective is presented, who will stop a good movie to perform in the The box office? Nobody.”

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