The three zodiac signs with raw horoscopes for November 17, 2022

Sometimes we talk our turn, too fast, or we end up with a foot in our mouth; When we feel inspired to speak, as we will be during Mercury in Sagittarius, we run the risk of saying the wrong thing, and in this case, it’s probably “worse.”

What makes this day ‘tough’ is the idea that we are excited today, and yes, very positive and upbeat, that the words that come out of our lips are choppy and impulsive.

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During Mercury in Sagittarius, we mean very well, but we also tend to lack discretion in knowing exactly what is the right thing to say and what is wrong.

The day may affect some people in different ways, as its main “mission” is to help express love and kindness.

It seems like a win-win situation, since we are all uplifted by good times and positive energy, and then, there are a few of us here, today, who don’t know what to do with this hustle of hope, and we might end up overreaching.

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