This week’s horoscope brings *struggle* for the three zodiac signs from October 24-30, 2022

It’s all about knowing the right time during this week’s horoscope, and that falls largely in the communication department. We either say what’s on our mind and hope to do it “well” or we say too much, lose all sense of appreciation, and blow up any opportunity we have.

It’s a risky week for some zodiac signs. So much is at stake, and we really need to think things through before indulging in something that needs thinking instead of doing.

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Since we’re starting this week with Moon square Pluto, we’re automatically looking at conflict. Adding Moon’s conjunction of Mercury with its own touch, we can almost assume that the conflict we might enter has to do with words and expressions.

We may also be dealing with someone who is somewhat sensitive, and we have to figure out if it’s worth it or not to offend them. This means that we feel compelled to go beyond someone else’s “orders” because we don’t see them as fair. This is the main flavor of the week for some of us. We’re going to be doing a lot of wondering this week, in terms of “How is this guy controlling me?”

We will be less than satisfied with the treatment we receive from a particular person in our life, and when it strikes us that we do not have to take it, we will resort to alternative means and we will free ourselves from that person. It will take guts and nerves, and will likely be nerve-racking as well.

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