Amsterdam in Modern Warfare 2 looks amazing…at first sight

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIThe single-player campaign launched last Friday for those who pre-ordered the game, and the early moment exploded online immediately. A short video showcasing the Activision-developed Amsterdam level has gone viral, because it looks closer to reality at a glance, and because it offered a brief glimpse at a replacement for the annual military shooter.

“Oh my gosh, Amsterdam looks *incredibly* realistic in the new Call of Duty – I can hardly believe it’s a video game,” UX content writer and designer Juan Boes posted above a video MII On October 21 in this case, the overstatement was due. As the in-game camera moves through the streets and blocks an Amsterdam canal, the lighting and reflections make it look like smartphone video rather than gameplay footage.

The fourth task in MIIsame a sequel to reboot subordinate modern war Call of duty A sub-series, brings Captain John Price and his associates. In the streets of the Dutch capital to sneak and observe a Mexican cartel encounter. They need to kidnap one of its members in search of clues, which requires some spying on the bars that nonetheless provides a beautiful view of the historic city.

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In fact, the game’s footage lines up well with the real street that inspired it. Narrative Director Infinity Ward Jeffrey Keith Negus Shared video on the site The setting that inspired the scene in the game, allowing players to see how the game developers miraculously managed to recreate it, including the serendipitous moment when a boat passed under a footbridge.

Everything reminds us of Appearance ‘frighteningly real’ 4 . ride shots Which went viral last year around this time. in MIIIn a case, the illusion is only interrupted by simply looking closely at a certain object, or when one of the non-playable robotic characters catches your eye. There’s no big group combat or slashing in the level either, which means developers will likely focus most of their attention on tuning mostly static details (although there are a lot of critics As well as the anatomy of the scene).

Modern Warfare 2 Amsterdam Mission (silly graphics)

It was enough to make some sad what one of the studio’s biggest operations in blockbuster games could do if it chose to put those resources behind any game that wasn’t. Call of duty. “Imagine if they spent that kind of money and polish on a game where you didn’t just shoot guys in the faces, this is a beautiful amusement park and I love to explore it in shenmue style,” chirp jazz bank Co-developer, Luis Hernandez.

Inkle Studio designer Nat Clayton came up with a similar idea. “This has been swamped in some circles all day, but I feel the thing about this clip is that the optical resolution is less than great and more fair…” Wrote. “It’s not often that we see the graphic evolutions that we used to present very ordinary and mundane areas of the real world.”

Unfortunately, those games tend not to sell 30 million copies a year Call of duty Do.

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