Marvel Directors: There won’t be another billion dollar opening. “Avatar 2” and DC: Hold My Robe

If creativity is the fuel for the success of the Hollywood movie series, then ego may be its booster rocket. That’s one of the points learned from a new interview in Variety with Joe and Anthony Russo, in which the directors recap nearly a decade in Marvel and discuss their plans for the future.

The siblings are now working on their post-Marvel jobs as directors on Netflix productions (recently released). gray man and next electric state), and Amazon (fort) Under the banner of AGBO production. The duo started their journey at Marvel by directing 2014 Captain America: The Winter Soldierand wrapped it up with the most lucrative opening weekend ever on Avengers: Endgame in 2019 worth $1.2 billion.

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“It won’t happen again,” Joe Russo said of the billion dollar opening. “That was the height of that era of theatrical filmmaking.”

“Never” may seem like a bold claim, but in the age of streaming movies and their ever-increasing encroachment on the lands carved by traditional cinemas, replicating such massive revenue will be a challenge.

The Russo brothers have said that they do not plan to return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) anytime soon. But the Marvel Machine continues to make box office movies like 2022 Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness And the Thor: Love and Thunder. And next week, Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverAnd the It could become one of the highest-grossing releases of the year.

DC prepares to cash in on Marvel’s transition

The MCU is in a bit of transition now that the Avengers story is over. This point in Marvel’s coherent narrative could be just what Warner Bros. needs. Discovery and its list of DC movies. (Overall, films based on DC comic characters haven’t had the same high success as Marvel.)

In the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) – which does not include Christopher Nolan’s Batman Dark Knight films – the most financially rewarding movie of 2018 was Aquamanwhich generated a total profit of $1.1 billion. So far, it was DCEU’s biggest opening weekend Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justicewhich grossed $420 million globally (about $520 million in 2022) during its opening weekend.

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What after DCEU

When David Zaslav, the new president of Warner Bros. Discovery, canceled production of $90 million from live broadcasts. bat girl film, there were concerns that the larger DCEU might be on a difficult path. But in October, when Zaslav hired James Gunn and Peter Safran to run the studio’s DCEU effort, those concerns largely evaporated. Gunn, known for directing the Marvel strike Guardians of the Galaxy The movie franchise, along with a well-polished big budget for producing Safran’s talents, may finally put DCEU on a firmer competitive footing with its comic book rival.

dceu latest movie, Black Adam Starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it did well, earning $143 million globally during its opening weekend and $255 million overall since its October 21 launch. However, other superhero films currently in development may not reflect the larger plans Gunn and Safran have for DCEU. Among those plans: a repeat of Marvel’s box office revenue Avengers long story.

Meanwhile, there are four more Avatar movies coming to challenge the Marvel era

If anyone is equipped to refute Russo’s claim it is James Cameron, the most successful film director of all time, symbol picture, which has grossed $2.9 billion since its release in 2009. The film had an opening value of $241 million (about $335 million adjusted for inflation), a figure that was boosted somewhat by slightly higher ticket prices for the film’s 3D presentations. However, betting on Cameron is not wise, as he is also a manager TitanicThe first movie to win a billion dollars at the box office.

Avatar: Water Road | Official Announcement

It took the director nearly 13 years to deliver the sequel to Avatar, Avatar: The Way of Water. This is a long gap, one that likely threatens to limit the franchise’s future success in theaters. Are moviegoers still excited to visit Pandora’s world and its blue-faced aliens? So far, the answer seems to be a resounding yes, as the original Avatar re-release in September brought in $30 million over its opening weekend alone.

20th Century Studios released the second trailer for the upcoming movie symbol picture The movie was released on November 2 on YouTube, and it has so far garnered more than 20 million views. (The first teaser got 25 million views.)

When Avatar: Water Road On December 16, supposedly free of covid-19 restrictions, Rousseau’s prediction will likely face its first real challenge.

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